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RoadNurse33 has 15 years experience and specializes in None.

Career FF/PM for 6 years. Worked part time as a neonatal/pediatric transport paramedic for two years while with the FD to gain transport experience to apply for flight paramedic positions. Subsequently worked as a flight paramedic for two years. I am an accepted medical student and will begin in August of 2015. I am a huge proponent of the nursing field. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the profession; some of the most talented clinicians I have had the opportunity to work with are nurses. All of my comments and opinions are from the perspective of a paramedic. I am not a nurse, and at no time should my comments be misconstrued as being from a nurse.

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    University of New England Anatomy

    I'm taking this class now and I am about half way through the Head and Neck unit. Any pointers that you can relay to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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