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  1. MelissaSW

    UTA Spring 2016

    Im in too! Got accepted to both and I am not partnered. I chose AP.
  2. MelissaSW

    UTA Spring 2016 APBSN Applications

    It all just depends on the ranking of everyone who applied for that start. And the ranking is somewhat a mystery. I applied for AP and campus based. I have a 4.0 and one consideration.
  3. MelissaSW

    UTA Spring 2016

    Hello all! I have applied to both the AP and Campus programs for Spring 2016 also. I hope to meet some of you there! I have a 4.0 all around and one consideration. I don't remember my HESI cause it really didn't matter much. Waiting makes for a long summer, lol. But I am keeping my self busy with three kids and summer fun!

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