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  1. KatieKraftRN

    so confused... help!!

    Its totally normal and expected to feel anxious and doubtful.. but I just took the NCLEX on 7/6 and passed with 109 questions. I thought for SURE I failed. It was exteremly challenging, I had a lot of pharm (which other friends didnt) and I had a lot of SATA. I also used Kaplan and scored well on the practice stuff including the trainers (61-65%) and my Q Bank average was around a 61%. I however BOMBED the sample 4 test as well.. Bottom line is this... NCLEX is hard, but not impossible. Try to go in with a clear mind and not get discouraged when you dont know some questions because you wont. I graduated with a class of 43 and only one person failed. Keep practicing test strategies and dont study 24 hours before your exam!
  2. KatieKraftRN

    Exam in 2 days........

    Hi Ladies! So I just found out yesterday that I passed my NCLEX and I had the same concerns as you going into it!! Let me start by saying I was an honor student, made awesome grades and scored really well on my Kaplan tests. NCLEX is HARD. I wont sugar-coat it at all. But YOU CAN DO IT! I felt weak on pharm as well and I did have a lot of pharm questions... for example, "You have 4 orders, which do you question?" and it was 4 different meds with different scenarios. Most of the time I didnt know the med, but I could kind of make an educated guess about it. Most my class who are all very smart got 75 questions and passed and I expected the same, but I ended up with 109!! Here's the thing.. every question you are asked is an opportunity to pass the boards. Dont get discouraged if you go over 75. Re-focus and keep pushing forward. Dont study 24 hours before the exam.. give your brain a break. Dont panic... just do your best and trust that the Lord has a plan for you and will give you the desires of your heart. Thats my best advice! You can message me with any questions! Good luck ladies!! And God Bless :)

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