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    NP Salaries/Location/Specialties

    I am a recent FNP graduate (as of last December) and went on a full job hunt on my last semester of school. As a nurse I was making 80k a year or $38 an hour (with shift differential for when I worked weekends or holidays). I made it a point to interview in 16 different places as I didn't really know what specialty I wanted to work in (and kind of still don't). I tried my best to negotiate but people still looked at me like I was completely insane. I'm in Florida and according to salary.com the average pay is 97k. I really wasn't shooting for the stars, I was only requiring 90k. I had to apply to 21 places to get 16 interviews (don't really know why I was fixated on 16). All of them offered me a job. Unfortunately, not one actually matched what I wanted (pay and benefits). As an adult pcp the best offer I received was 90k without having benefits. As family pcp it was 86k with benefits seeing 30-35 patients a day. In pediatrics specialty, the best offer was 75 which went up to 80 with negotiations and had benefits but it required traveling and rounding in multiple hospitals. Anyways, the best offer i was able to receive was 84k in oncology, seeing 15 patients a day, with every other Friday off, great benefits, and 8 hour days. To be quite honest, I'm still disappointed and disillusioned. I'm going to keep this job for one year and then try again. If I don't receive a significant offer then I'm going back to nursing. The only way I would stay for mediocre pay is if Florida was to magically change and NP's get more autonomy. I'm sorry if this is a crappy answer but I'm ok with my nursing pay for only 3 days a week.

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