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    Registration Verification from Saudi Council

    Hi. You can just send the blank barcoded NMC form to NMC, with a copy of your Certificate of Good Standing. That is what most of us did.
  2. Hi mango1888.. I have been reading your comments. thank u for being helpful. I am a Phil RN, ex saudi, applying for NMC registration. Can u please update me about the latest process for SCFHS verification? just because im thinking, there might be some changes from the time I applied last year 2016. I have been reading others' post, some sent the barcoded NMC form by courier to KSA, others did what i did during my 1st application, which is sent a blank barcoded NMC form, with the "Saudi Anouncement" issued by SCFHS. (I am unfortunately applying again because I failed 2 OSCEs, although they did consider all other documents I sent so I wont have to submit other forms frm school, PRC, Referees 1and 2 EXCEPT for the saudi verification.) Please help me. Will wait for ur reply. Thank u
  3. Hi..I have a friend who requested for a new Cert of Good Standing because our agency for UK asked her to. She was able to. Unfortunately, you really need somebody in KSA now, just for her Saudi number to be used & for him/ her to pay the fee thru SADAD. I did the same last year. Now, may I ask, how did u process ur SCFHS verification for NMC, from outside KSA? Thank u.

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