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    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    I have worked in a few skilled nursing/rehab facilities in Northeast/central Pennsylvania and corporations that that own these facilities say how the "resident" is the most important thing....well let me ask you if the resident is so important how come ......we have 99 residents in house...2 LPNs---one on East side and 1 on West side...1 nursing supervisor...and 3 CNAs!!!! Granted this is on 11p-7a shift, but we also had 2 "behavior" residents up in the middle of the night which required 1:1. How is this safe and how can they consider it as the "resident" is the most important. Their "Bottom line" is the most important. I feel bad for our older Americans who have to live in these facilities through no fault of their own. 1 CNA with the help of RN Supervisor and/or LPN to take care of 50 residents. Administrators say they care...but their hands are tied thanks to the people in the boardroom or fancy offices with their charts and tables saying we can take care of more resident/patients with less help. I am ready to hang up my nursing cap and go back to office work.

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