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    140 questions.. Need some help clarifying!

    Update: checked my QR.. PASS! í ½í¸Ší ½í¸Ší ½í¸Ší ½í¸Š
  2. I took the NCLEX-RN yesterday and I stopped at 140ish questions (I wasn't really looking). My 2 older brothers who graduated 2013 both did the PVT trick so they told me to do it and I did (unaware of the changes and how long we're suggested to wait). So I entered a valid CC and got the "good popup" around 2 hours after my completion of the exam. However, I did some research and found out that checking at after 24 hours is much better. Today, I checked again at 2pm since I recieved an email from PV yesterday at 1:58pm of completing the exam. this time, I was nervous so I used a valid CC but wrong exp date and CVV and I still got the "good popup." Bottom line: Ive read numerous posts that it's unreliable/reliable. But reading about what I did.. How are my chances that this "trick" will reflect my status tomorrow when I get my quick results? Has there actually been a reported false positive even after the 24 hours?

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