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  1. Rilesss

    LAVC Spring 2018

    Do you know when you got the call, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Rilesss

    LAVC Spring 2018

    Has anyone heard anything regarding the status of the applications for Los Angeles Valley RN program for spring 2018? The wait is is killing me.
  3. Rilesss

    Should I purposely fail my class?

    It wouldn't look bad to get two W's in the same course?
  4. Basically, I made a huge mistake by taking a 5 unit summer class, meanwhile working full time. I'm currently in a college algebra course, which is a prereq for stats. The semester before this, I had withdrawn from the same class and got a W. I'm currently on the fence. Should I tough the course out and get a C, or should I get a D or F in the class so I can retake it and get a better grade? At my school, you can only get "grade forgiveness" if you receive a grade of a D or F. It replaces the D or F in your GPA but the previous grade remains on your transcript. Would this make me less competitive when applying to CSU nursing programs? I don't think I want to withdraw from the class and get another W. I currently have a GPA of 3.84 and a C would greatly decrease my GPA. I will be applying to several CSU BSN programs. CSUB is my top choice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Should I purposely fail or should I tough it out and get a C? Does CSUB care about my college algebra class or are they more concerned with stats? Would another W in the same course look bad? Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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