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  1. Sunshine1970

    Weekend Option

    Thanks NurseSpeedy. I've found 2 LTCF that offer a weekend option, but it sounds like it's just 8 hour shifts on Sat/Sun, which sure wouldn't be enough to cover benefits let alone anything else! Think I'll talk with my current employer's HR dept and see if they can offer me anything. I believe that the new conglomerate that took over our hospital system affiliate utilizes LPNs in the hospital, so there may very well be hope to stay within the company. Thanks for the idea to contact them!
  2. Sunshine1970

    Weekend Option

    Hi, any LPN's that are working a weekend option in LTC? I'm planning to return to school for my RN and would rather do the FT day program vs PT evenings. However I can't not work, so I'm considering working weekends only. Just curious if you get benefits working every weekend and if you are able to financially support yourself working just weekends? I'm a single mom so both of those things are imperative. Thanks for any input
  3. Sunshine1970

    I graduated from nursing school at 56 years old

    Thank you for sharing and congratulations! What an inspiration! If all goes according to plan, I will be 53 when I graduate with my ASN
  4. Sunshine1970

    Medi-Spas at Your Doctor's Office!?

    Our Medi-Spa is attached to our Plastics office, which makes sense to me. If it were with any other type of practice, I might be hesitant to go there. We were acquired by a new hospital system last year. Advertising is mostly about them being in our market now, no specific departments. Now if only I could afford the spa services. haha