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  1. Hi i am looking for info about mount sinai west. I heard every mountsinai branch has different salary scale and benefit. Anyone know about salary and benefit(school reimbursement) mount sinai west?(not lukes)
  2. I didnt get back from lenox, but Harlem call me after 3 weeks from interview. I am hired. And process till orientation from interview take 2month. I just came today for orientation!
  3. Hi. I just got call from 2HHC hospital for passing interview from nurse manager. i am thinking to go one hospital which is Harlem hospital. the hospitals said. both of their HR will call me in this week. when i got call, to another hospital, i will tell i decided to go harlem hospital. i heard onboarding process cant be done at the same time in 2 hhc hospital. right? But i heard that Harlems hiring process take so long. Is there anyone who had experience in Harlem hospital? Usually how long it take from HR call to get orientation date? I am not a newgrat but my experiences are from another country. how HHC hospital take reference from applicants? is it online like e mail to people who i write for references?
  4. Hi guys. i just interviewed with harlem hospital hhc and lenox hill for. harlem, middle of april and for lenox hill , just 2 days ago. i am wondering usualky how long it take to answer from hospital. i am so nervous.... is there anyone who took interview here before? for harlem, they say just they will let me know result soon. .. but already 2 wk passed and i dont know how long more take for answer.. just i cross my finger to get job thank you
  5. i am thinking to work as agency nurse but on contract paper they say my last assingnment with agency, till after 12 month , i will not take any permanent or position from hospital agency referred. i also thinking while i work as agency nurse and. if i have chance i can have job offer from same hospital as staff nurse, i want to accept it. is that content in agency contract is common? or just only that agency?
  6. Hello! Are there any nurses who have CNRN with ICU career?(not specialized in NeuroICU) I wonder it is available to take CNRN exam with just SICU/MICU/CVICU career. SICU also taking care neuro patients especially who have trauma. But MICU, CVICU usually doesn't dealing with thiese cases as i know.. i asked to ABNN about eligibility, is it possible to take CNRN test with only SICU career, but they only answered experience The candidate must have at least 2 years of full-time experience (or 4,160 hours) in either direct or indirect neuroscience nursing practice during the past 5 years. So i wonder is there anyone who take CNRN with only SICU career?? or any information about this?
  7. Hellow. I am a international nurse. I am planning to endorse from NY to CA but i didin't take microbiology in nursing college. On CA Nursing board, the require microbiology with lab. Related natural sciences, sixteen (16) semester or twenty-four (24) quarter units shall include: Anatomy with lab Physiology with lab Microbiology with lab Behavioral sciences (Psychology) Social sciences i only need to take microbiology, but in NY, i saw some college that i can taking a course and the credit was 4.5quarter credit (3 for micorbiology + 1.5for lab), another college was 4semester credit (3 for microbiology +1 for lab) i heard that CA nursing board require at least 3credit for microbiology + 1credit for lab . but i don't know it is quarter credit or semester credit. Is there any person who know about this information? Help me please.
  8. Hello. I am international nurse who have 2years icu career in korea and i am planning to jump to US and i got my agency. Because of my personal issue, i transferred my hospital to small hospital. And My agency recommend me to find a job from ER and they said it would be much better career when i am finding my position in US. Here now i am working is 80bed hospital which mainly dealing with orthopedic patients. I just started work in ER but it's too small. Only3 bed we have and cases are too limited. Most of cases are simple fracture, AGE, drunken people.... no big trauma case or medical case.. no stab wound or gun shot cases. Sometimes i am reading EKG, or doing laboratory test but no severe cases. Maybe it can be regarded as level 3 or level 4 Trauma center. I wanna work in ICU but there are no icu nurse position in my town. So i am thinking which one is better. Staying small ER or transfer to med/surg unit in my hospital. It is med/surg unit but most cases are about orthopedic cases. I need your advices that which part is better for my career after I jump to United state and when I am finding job. what I concerning primary is which unit , ER that I am working or med/surg, is better to get a job in US hospital. To be honest i wanna work in ICU after jump to US, but i think it would be difficult to find a ICU job without any US career.. I need your help
  9. Hellow i planning to get a HAAD license to work in the Abudhabi. But i am considering getting a job in the Saudi arabia too. As i know if i get HAAD, i can work in the Qutar, Dubai is it right? and if i have HAAD, Can I work in the Saudi arabia without any other license? Is there some process that transfer HAAD license to Saudi arabia? Thank you.