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  1. Rnplus mom

    PTO in Hospice

    I am setting policy for a new hospice. Those of you that work in hospice how much PTO does your hospice give you?
  2. Rnplus mom

    PTO in hospice

    I would like to know how much PTO you get at your hospice. I am interested in staff nurses but also very interested in administrators and director of nursing positions.
  3. Rnplus mom


    How much PTO do you make as a manager?
  4. Rnplus mom

    Threatened when I tried to leave job

    Thanks for the replies. She just got so nasty. Said if I didn't have forms emailed to her by 5 pm tomorrow that she would report me to board of nursing and Medicare. I am not sure for what? Can they demand I fill out forms with no compensation? They made me do training for an hour with no compensation.taking this job was one of the dumbest things ever.
  5. Rnplus mom

    Threatened when I tried to leave job

    Please help. I obtained a job doing post hospitalization visits to elderly people who have a certain type of Medicare . It was through an agency. Well it was a nightmare. I was only paid if I actually did the visit. Well they gave a list of a little under 20 patients. When I tried to schedule visits two had died, phone were disconnected, and messages never returned. I have spent hours for no compensation. I told the agency I was done. The director threatened me she said that she would report med to Medicare/ Medicaid and my board of nursing if I didn't complete a long form in each patient that I could not see. Mind you I will not be compensated for any of this. she said that I accepted a responsibility when I was emailed the list of patients. I am scared. I don't know what to do. Can I be reported when I have never even seen a patient. Has anyone ever been threatened in this manner? Thanks for any advice.

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