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  1. Faaaaaannnttttaaassstttiiicccc !!haha Totally putting this in my repertoire.
  2. Murse9185

    Access to patient's 411 from home

    Well I've used a system(kinser) such as this one. However I worked for a HH company at the time. Assuming from your post you actually work in a healthcare setting I would think this would be an issue. As stated above, perfect question for your states BON.
  3. Murse9185

    Emotionally tired

    This can definitely be a profession that will take its toll on a person mentally and physically. I've felt that way at times and you've been a nurse much longer. You just seem like you need a break to kinda figure out where you need to go from here( understand financially this may not be a feasible option for most). Hopefully everything works out for you!
  4. Murse9185

    Nurse stealing Dilaudid

    Legendary lol
  5. Murse9185

    Do we matter?

    Very true. However if the PCT/CNA is the opposite of that then :-/
  6. I'm a male nurse and tbh I have NEVER felt discriminated against regarding my gender. Not to say this is right because it's not but as a male you're basically applauded by all (except older generation) for working in this profession. I've attained jobs that I wouldn't have if I were the opposite sexy (heavy lifting). If anything I would feel women could feel that way.
  7. Murse9185

    Are ER Patients Getting More Ridiculous?

    Yeah I'm guessing I didn't correctly word that. I was just saying you were right and that OP was just venting. My apologies for confusion.
  8. Murse9185


    Lol..... Love the wording. Good luck to OP, I need to get back to the gym as well.
  9. Murse9185

    Are ER Patients Getting More Ridiculous?

    Exactly! OP is just venting just like we all have to from time to time. Kind of a part of being human. Calm down with the self-righteousness.
  10. Haha yes!! People always give me the weirdest looks when I say this.
  11. Murse9185

    New Nurse ... not distinguishing myself as brilliant

    Well that was an intense read. Pretty much what I'm getting from this is you're a new nurse who has made some mistakes. We all make mistakes as nurses, as humans. The important thing is you learn from them and don't let them happen again. At least you're at an age( I'm half of your age) that you realize you need to fix these mistakes and get better. When I first came out of NS I thought it was no big deal, whatever. Obviously now I'm older and realize every little thing in the nursing world matters. The mistakes you have listed I bet don't happen again. However if they do that can become a problem. That nurse who belittled and tore into you in front of the pt was unprofessional. One day you'll be the vet nurse talking with a newbie. Take a breath and strive to be the best nurse you can be.
  12. Murse9185

    Just a Nurse

    It sounds like you need to vent for sure. I've always thought it's funny how people think nursing is easy and not demanding at all. I'm a nurse(male) and I've worked some jobs that were mentally and physically demanding. I never realized until lately how being a nurse is truly special. Yes anybody can become a nurse but not everybody is built to be a nurse if that makes sense. It sounds like you know exactly what is to be a nurse. Hopefully the SO as well as the family start to help you out a bit more. I know without my SO support and understanding of my job, day to day tasks would be much more difficult.
  13. Murse9185

    Am I a bad nurse?

    Now idk what the parents side of the story of why they feel uncomfortable however from your side of the story I wouldn't say you were a bad nurse. A PDN job is not a good place to start out as a new nurse. I learned the hard way but now that's what I do and I love it. Confidence is key when dealing with pts parents. As a new nurse I had little confidence because I had very little experience as a nurse on my own after graduating. The contract thing though is rough. I'm blessed to not be under a contract such as the one you have. Hopefully all works out well for you!!:)
  14. Murse9185

    Anyone work a Baylor Shift anymore?

    Haha, hit by a truck. I worked double weekend( sat and sun 0600-2200) for a 11/2 years and always felt this way on Mondays. Always hated doing anything on Monday.
  15. Murse9185


    I feel as my generation( the twenty something's) get's older tattoos will be more generally accepted and it really won't matter if you're covered from head to toe. I have one tattoo on my chest and cannot wait to get more.
  16. I've had this issue as a male nurse at a previous job(LTC facility). I personally just kept leaving the seat up out of spite. Idk about your situation but if I had been approached about it in a different manner( lady was extremely rude) I would've tried to remember to put the lid down after use.