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  1. Alexbk44

    Going to NYU's 15-month accelerated program

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the requirements for the accelerated program, in terms of pre-req GPA, and overall GPA. And also, can apply for the program while Im still working on the prereqs? Thanks, Alex
  2. Alexbk44

    are male nurses satisfied with their jobs, and salaries?

    Cool, you guys got my attention with that last 6+figures idea, and I really appreciate your responses. However does one have to have a nursing degree in order to become a pharm sales guy, and if so then Im guessing a degree from a good college like NYU would go a longer way in getting this type of job, as opposed to a degree from an online shcool, or a community college . Thanks,Alex
  3. Hello, I have a few quick questions for all the male nurses out there. Im currently a senior at BC majoring in Nutrition, however am seriously considering Nursing. From your experience, are males overall satisfied with nursing, both workwise, and money wise, and where would be a good place to reasearch this a little more? Thanks alot,Alex
  4. Alexbk44

    Switching careers to nursing. who has done it?

    HI, Im currently a senior at brooklyn college, majoring in nutrition, but am thinking about becoming an RN. Your post comfermed what most of my friends said about nursing, that after about 10 years you'll get tired of it, and want to persue something else. How was your experience working as a nurse, and why after all these years you decide to change your mind. Thanks, Alex