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  1. Crazy and Rewarding Roller Coaster Ride: AKA Nursing

    It's going well! It's def a learning curve from school and a bit overwhelming right now. But I think we're making progress. (At least hope) although I'm really not impressed with the classes were attending twice a week. Most of us feel it would be mo...
  2. Crazy and Rewarding Roller Coaster Ride: AKA Nursing

    I'm going to be on days!
  3. Crazy and Rewarding Roller Coaster Ride: AKA Nursing

    Atrium as well. Well be on the same unit :) it's going well so far!! It's only my first week on the actual unit so I'm learning lol feel free to private message me if you have any questions!! I'm not sure if my account is old enough to message you.
  4. Crazy and Rewarding Roller Coaster Ride: AKA Nursing

    Hi! I noticed your from Carlisle oh. Are you talking about the premier health system? It sounds super familiar. I'm in the July cohort now so I was just curious! I don't really have any tips since this is technically my first week on the floor lol
  5. Consistent Kaplan Question Trainer Scores in 50s

    That's where I was with my trainer scores as well. I did all of the q bank questions and had a 60% average. I passed the nclex on my first try with 75 questions and felt well prepared during the exam. I wouldn't focus so much on the percent but learn...
  6. Should I take a job in Nursing home

    I'm also a new grad, so I understand the need to get experience before more doors open. However, I couldn't imagine just receiving one week of orientation. Especially, since you could very well be the only RN on duty at the time. I just don't believe...
  7. Can't get a job in Cincinnati Ohio as a RN

    I have a bsn. That may be why your having difficulties if you have your asn. I know this area is moving toward bsn nurses because many hospitals are trying to get magnet status. I graduated with my bsn and probably half of my class had offers before ...
  8. Can't get a job in Cincinnati Ohio as a RN

    I'm from this area as well and a recent grad/just passed my boards. I had a position before I graduated in a residency program. Your a little late now for these programs since most have done their hiring, but I would look into the mercy health system...
  9. Passing the NCLEX

    Hey Everyone! I'm a long time lurker/new member. I've went through these boards starting at pre-nursing and now I'm posting as a new RN!! I found out that I passed my boards today! I just wanted to tell a little about my journey, and hopefully it wil...