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    LPN Med-Surg Jobs

    I am about to graduate LPN school in the next couple weeks and will be starting an RN bridge very soon after. While I am working on getting my RN, I would like to gain as much med-surg experience as possible. I am aware that it is uncommon to see LPNs working on hospital med-surg floors these days and so far I've only been able to find one hospital hiring in metro-Atlanta (and it's an hour north). Does anyone know of any metro-Atlanta hospitals that still hire LPNs on med-surg units?
  2. I'm in my last semester of LPN school and my eventual goal is to become a CRNA. My plan is to work full-time as an LPN for the next year while I finish an RN bridge program, after which I will complete my bachelor's. I am aware that I will need ICU experience once I am an RN before I can apply to CRNA school. I'm trying to decide what type of work will benefit me the most during the next year as an LPN. I can get a med-surg job, but only in a rural hospital which will make my commute about an hour each way. Or I can work in a much closer hospital where they employ LPNs as anesthesia techs. Any advice on which will benefit me the most in my pursuit of becoming a CRNA? Thanks!

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