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Vdaniels15 has 3 years experience and specializes in Pediatric.

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  1. RN Jobs Fox Valley

    Hi, I am relocating to Appleton March 1st, and am looking for recommendations for RN ADN positions. I have 2 years LPN and 2 years RN experience. I would love to hear your comments on the current job outlook there. Thanks!
  2. RN to BSN Recommendations?

    Hi suec_83, I have to take patho, college algebra/math, statistics, and a humanities. So should be starting NAU fall of 2016 :)))
  3. RN to BSN Recommendations?

    Hi, thank you for the info! I have started the process with NAU as well because of the relatively low cost. I have to take 4 classes before I can actually start the NAU program, so I figured two next spring and two next summer and THEN I can start th...
  4. What is the pay rate for a LPN ?

    Actually we have several people that are repeating block 3, so you are not kicked out of the program. True it's a bummer to have to repeat a block, but most successful people don't succeed on their first try! I have enjoyed my time as an LPN, however...
  5. RN to BSN Recommendations?

    Hi!, I'm in block 3 of my RN program and am looking to start by BSN bridge program fall of 2016. Any recommendations for in-state and out-of-state programs? Thanks so much!!
  6. Advanced Placement LPN to RN Maricopa Community Colleges

    Hi, I graduated from Gateway's FastTrack LPN program Dec 2013. I got offered a block 3 spot at Gateway this summer and I graduate in Dec. Hope this helps!
  7. What is the pay rate for a LPN ?

    Hi, I graduated from Gateway's FastTrack LPN program Dec 2013, and have been working as a pediatric nurse in home health for 21.00 an hour in Phx. I'm now in block 3 for my RN.. graduate in Dec. I'm 57 yrs old... #nevergiveup! #followyourdreams #you...