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  2. noelly10

    Understaffed with a heavy patient load

    I wish our staffing was like this. Sometimes we have 6 nurses and 2 techs to 32 patients. Sometimes we only have 1 tech. Sometimes no tech at all and we have to *gasp* do total care for 5-6 patients...
  3. noelly10

    Understaffed with a heavy patient load

    Realize that you're only one person. Do all that you can. If you can't get to something, don't let it eat you up. You will have days you don't get to something. All you can do is your best
  4. noelly10

    Nurses please give an new ER-Tech some advice

    Don't get lazy. Our er techs are lazy and send up patients that are all in a mess just for us to clean up on top of getting them settled. Then they're all disgruntled because they had been sitting in poo for hours in the ED
  5. noelly10

    Kaplan vs Hurst review for NCLEX prep

    I did Kaplan and hurst
  6. The Pearson vue trick is still a thing? Just wait 48 hours. It won't change the outcome to wait.
  7. noelly10

    NCLEX review

    Not nervous about it? I feel like you should have some level of nervousness to light a fire under you. Also, choose two methods. I did Kaplan qbank and Hurst. Worked for me.
  8. Not all the time, but sometimes I do.
  9. noelly10

    Scrubs or Business Casual for Orientation?

    I don't understand how wearing your work attire would seem informal.
  10. noelly10

    Scrubs or Business Casual for Orientation?

    I wore both. Depended on how I felt. But if they say you could do either or, why would wearing scrubs be frowned upon? That is your work attire, is it not? Also, why care what others are wearing? As long as you stay within their guidelines on what you can wear, then you're fine.
  11. noelly10

    What is your dream unit?

    Real life is definitely absolutely nothing like TV whatsoever lol.
  12. noelly10


    Well you are still a patient advocate. There are polite ways to say things and something should have been said. If she didn't want to listen to your advice, go up the chain of command.
  13. noelly10


    You could have said politely, "what if we tried leaving the catheter in the vagina, that way we can tell the difference between the vagina and the urethra because the vagina will already have a catheter in it". Or you could have offered to do it yourself.
  14. noelly10

    Ivy Tech Spring 2015 hopefuls!

    How did I miss this?? Sorry, OP for the derailment. You'll soon learn that it happens often round these parts.
  15. noelly10

    Ivy Tech Spring 2015 hopefuls!

    Uhm. Please tell me why I haven't seen you for a couple weeks.
  16. noelly10

    Nursing School Starting Soon!!

    Well then use those words instead of "study every day" That's horrible advice compared to "don't wait till the last minute to study"

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