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  1. holistic_healer

    What program for Mac?

    I'm using Google Drive & Docs and LOVING them so much more than my Mac version of Office...and even better they are FREE. :) :) I've read good things about Slides so I am pretty sure I will be using that over Power Point when the time comes.
  2. Understanding & comprehension trumps regurgitation of facts any day! :) Excellent post!!
  3. holistic_healer

    Laminate diagrams

    This is one I have never tried...love it! :)
  4. holistic_healer

    Watch educational video's

    As a visual learner I find this advice really helps me with more challenging topics! Thanks for the post. :)
  5. holistic_healer

    7 Tips For Procrastinators: How I Made It Work

    Thank you for this great post! :)
  6. holistic_healer

    I Make good use of time

    All great tips...especially important advice about taking breaks. I get such tunnel vision when studying I can go hours without stopping which is not healthy or the most effective. Now I set alarms for myself for a break every hour and I find my sessions are even more productive. :) Taking a moment for a little stretch, drink of water or just to step away from the books/laptop makes such a difference!
  7. holistic_healer

    3 steps for success in nursing school

    Excellent advice! I took this approach for my prereqs and it served me VERY well. :)
  8. holistic_healer

    Powerpoint Tips

    Excellent post! :)
  9. holistic_healer

    Is WGU taken seriously in the healthcare world?

    I volunteer at one of the top 50 hospitals in the country and when I shared that I was accepted to the prelicensure program at WGU all the doctors and nurses congratulated me and all commented what an excellent school it is. I too worried about how it would be viewed by others that all my classes would be taken online. I am beyond grateful I did my research and choose WGU as my experience so far has been fantastic! Seeing as it was recently awarded an NLN Center of Excellence Award it is safe to say that its reputation is well deserved.
  10. holistic_healer

    Online Nursing Study Tips: What Has Worked For Me

    Have you tried using the cohorts? I am only in my second class in the prelicensure program so my experience is limited, however by utilizing the class cohorts I am on track to finish Biochem in under 20 days which is well under the deadline I was given by my mentor. Best of luck to you!
  11. holistic_healer

    Teas V: science resources beyond ATI book

    Khan Academy is a great resource for any areas you need to brush up on. Good luck!
  12. holistic_healer

    PC or Mac for WGU

    So far so good using my Macbook Air.
  13. holistic_healer


    I've been using my Macbook Air for the WGU Biochem class & haven't encountered any issues yet. I am already 3/4 of the way through the course. As there are so many inserting of images we have to create involved with the various tasks I decided to try using Google Drive (as recommended by the course mentors). I have Microsoft Office for Mac on my system and had used that with no issues but was curious to try something new as there was such a heavy image component to the 5 tasks. Honestly I will never deal with Word again for any projects that require image insertion as Drive is SO much better designed for this. Drive immediately resizes the images to fit the document. No more endless fussing trying to get the images placed correctly...you literally can drag & drop and the image pops up perfectly placed. I would think if you just emailed yourself any pictures you take that would avoid your download issues as you would be downloading from the web rather than your Android. I have also had issues with Word crashing and losing part of my work in the process. Drive saves all edits immediately so this is another selling point for me. Don't give up on your Air yet...if you really feel the need to run it like a PC there are programs that allow you to have it run it as a virtual machine, google "pc on mac" and you can see how to install software that tricks your Microsoft PC programs into thinking they are running on a PC. Definitely cheaper than buying a second laptop. Best of luck!
  14. holistic_healer

    WGU Pre-Licensing BSN Cedar Sinai October 2015 cohort

    I completely agree with my colleagues...California is definitely one of the most competitive states for nursing school. I pushed myself hard to get the very best grades knowing the level of competition I was up against. Previous degree: AA in Fashion Prerequisite GPA: 4.0 TEAS: 89 Healthcare experience: Over 200h of volunteer work involving direct patient contact. I do think that the whole package is important. I made sure to build relationships with my professors which really helped me when I needed letters of recommendation. I also spend a lot of time on my student statement which I understand will often be the tipping point with the admission committee of many schools when choosing between 2 similarly qualified candidates. Good luck to all future applicants and never give up on your dream!! 😀
  15. holistic_healer

    WGU Pre-Licensing BSN Cedar Sinai October 2015 cohort

    Good luck to you Livingmytruth! I hope you get in..stay positive. :)
  16. holistic_healer

    WGU Pre-Licensing BSN Cedar Sinai October 2015 cohort

    Congratulations Soc! I got my acceptance call yesterday and I don't think my feet have touched the ground yet. I look forward to meeting you in our first skills lab. :)