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  1. ORNurseinNM

    Getting your MSN at the VA

    Thanks for answering, I appreciate it!
  2. ORNurseinNM

    Getting your MSN at the VA

    Hello Everyone, I started at a VA Medical Center this past August in the Operating Room (Acute Care) having graduated from a ADN program and having gotten my BSN after that. I am loving it at the VA, but it is hard to get a clear answer as to whether the VA pays for its nurses to obtain a MSN degree. If so, is it a certain $$ amount, or possibly in full? I do know that I have to be there for a year, and that is fine and I do owe time afterwards. I never intend on leaving the VA system, so that is no a problem. If anyone can help me with information, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. ORNurseinNM

    ECT Procedures

    Hello Everyone, Just started at a new hospital that I really like. We do ECT procedures (Electroconvulsive Therapy,) probably about 5-8 cases per day. This is done only with anesthesia present (and the psychiatrist, obviously.) It is on our schedule because of the use of the anesthesia staff. I have never worked in an OR that performs these and I was wondering if this violates the 'RN as circulator' law that is in my state and many others. I have read up on the procedure and know it is short, but it is a procedure all the same. Does anyone else out there work in an OR that does ECT? If so, is there a circulator involved? Thanks in advance for the responses. Have a great week.
  4. ORNurseinNM

    Going to the VA

    Hey Guys, I am an OR Nurse who recently moved to Albuquerque. I am an experienced OR nurse and I got hired at a not-for-profit hospital in town. They treat me pretty well, the pay is good, but the benefits are pretty crappy. When I knew I was coming to Albq, I applied at the VA and never heard back. After I arrived, I got a phone call from the VA and went to an interview. To my surprise, I got a tentative offer. I have about 2 months of paperwork to go through before the 'official' offer. I know all my clearances will pass, but here is my question for any Albuquerque nurses. What is your opinion on taking the VA job? I have to say, the 10 paid holidays a year, 5 weeks of vacation, and 2 weeks of sick leave is pretty damn attractive. Anyone who can contribute, I appreciate your input. Have a great day.