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ms pooh has 28 years experience.

Hello to all of yall, Been nursing since 1987, I have worked several different areas. Hospital nusing ER, mostly for the first 15 years, then changed fields into correctional nursing. Still there. I am a RN, who also adores to cook. I have been married for 27 years and have one child, three dogs, one cat and three goldfish. My house is always going strong with laughter, love and just a tad of crazy.

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  1. ms pooh

    Can a deaf person be a nurse

    Wow! Thank you for saying that. Life altering indeed! people also dont realize how hard that we try to compensate, is nice to see someone else gets it
  2. This topic is of active interest to me at the time, I work full time in the Emergency department at a men's state prison. We have had two inmates in our facility that are receiving hormone therapy. For the most part this is not to much of an issue because they were just getting started in their transformation for lack of a better word. However, the issue seems to be when they begin to show breasts and other feminine attributes yet still have their male genitalia. Safety becomes an issue. Placing them with female inmates didn't work because female prisoners became pregnant, yet place them with male inmates and they get raped. It is certainly a dilemma and most of the time these inmates that are transgender end up in solitary for their own safety.
  3. ms pooh

    Inmate/Staff Relationships

    Hi, I have been in corrections for about 9 years now, in a private camp(3 years) and now in a state camp (6 years) The first orientation that I went to a LT. told us that if you practice these 3 rules you will not get caught up in the games inmates play. 1. Never give an inmate anything, not even the time of day. 2. There is no such thing as a good inmate, they are in prison for a reason. 3. Always be fair, firm and consistent. If you are going to do something special for one inmate then be prepared to do for the other 1500 or 3000 other inmates. If you are not willing to do this don't do it for one inmate. Be courteous and 9 out of 10 times the inmates will be courteous.
  4. ms pooh

    Can a deaf person be a nurse

    Hi Amber, I too am a RN who has hearing loss in both ears. I was diagnosed in 1989 and began to wear hearing aids then. My hearing loss is profound in the high frequencies. Since then I have worked in any area that I wanted to everywhere from the emergency department, ICU, on to teaching ACLS. One of the things that helped me work these different areas is that I was always upfront and told my colleges and doctors about my hearing. And yes you are going to face some of the people you work with will be cruel and uncaring about this disability. (that is their problem not yours) I have discovered through my working with my audiologist that you can compensate through lip reading and the correct hearing instrument. I also have an electronic stethoscope that helps alot. Mainly I want to encourage you this disability has not limited my choices in the field of nursing, keep your head up and realize you are in of the most difficult jobs and that you can do it! Feel free to pm or email me.