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  1. Hi.

    Would you tell me about your experience at Excelsior? I am currently in the online RN to MSN program and U. Texas at Arlington, but I'm considering changing schools. I already have two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree but UTA still requires that I take a bunch of additional liberal arts general education courses in addition to the BSN nursing courses to complete the degree. At this point, I feel like literature, political science, and history courses are not how I want to spend my time and money. You might have given me an out!

    I'd greatly appreciate your input!

    Thank you.

    1. military spouse

      military spouse



      Well, Excelsior was MUCH less expensive than most options. I think I ended up having to take 12 or 13 classes, usually one at at time. Many students took more, but I’m a bit neurotic 🙂

      I had a great experience, and would highly recommend it if the prestige of the school is unimportant  



  2. keftirific

    UTA Accelerated Online RN to BSN 2020

    Hi. I just started the program and I'm in week 3 of 5 of the first class. The course keeps you busy, but it's not difficult. There's a lot of reading and there are short video lectures for each week, along with short quizzes on the reading and lectures. You're required to post on a message board about three times a week for participation credit. Each week (each unit) there is an assignment. So far there's been one assignment about APA writing and formatting that was pretty simple. Just follow the rules presented in the text and powerpoint. The second assignment was to write a paper about nursing philosophy and theory. The paper is based on the readings and your personal opinions. All of the assignments have a very detailed rubric for you to follow so that you exactly what is required. Like I said, so far it's been a good bit of work but nothing mind boggling. I'm a slow student, that is I read slowly and probably more thoroughly than necessary, I test slowly, and think too much. (Trying to break the horrible habits.) That said, you might just breeze through. The difficulty is probably also dependent on your background. Been to school lately? Written a paper in APA or some other format before? Good at BSing through writing prompts? Hope that helps! Anyone have any comments on what's to come in the program? I came to this page looking for information. Thanks!
  3. keftirific

    What does dependent position for detached retina mean???

    Nurselabs says: Detached retina - area of detachment should be in the dependent position. Googled "dependent position detached retina" and a textbook says, "After surgery for a detached retina, the client is positioned so that the detachment is dependent or inferior. For example, if the outer portion of the left retina is detached, the client is positioned on the left side. Positioning so that the detachment is inferior maintains pressure on that area of the retina, improving its contact with the choroid."

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