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  1. Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by you backed out the door? You quit? Today my FA wasn't there. Day after Thanksgiving so I get it. What I don't get however, is he would transfer a seasoned PCT to his other facility for the day,...
  2. Hello all! Today I completed week four of my training as a dialysis nurse. So far, I think I like dialysis, at least in theory. My questions and issues are in regards to the blatant disregard for basic infection control, (hand) hygiene, and othe...
  3. Time management

    Hi Itcnurse4u! I made a similar cheat sheet. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. My co-workers look at me like a crazy person for taking the time to make it at home. I'm currently 2.5 months (only three, eight-hour shifts a week though) into my fir...
  4. Straight to the MSN, skip the BSN postlicensure?

    What school did you go to? So the school did require GEs? You just had them covered?
  5. Experience before PhD

    University of California, Davis does. As a clinical research coordinator I have worked with a person with a Ph.D in nursing who was NOT an RN. A the person wasn't the only non-RN in the program either. Interestingly, the person wasn't very upfront ab...
  6. Straight to the MSN, skip the BSN postlicensure?

    Hello, All you had to take were the nursing courses for your BSN? What program were you in??! I am in enrolled in an RN to BSN to MSN program at the U. Texas at Arlington online. I have two non-nursing bachelor's and I frustrated by the fact that Arl...
  7. Hi.

    Would you tell me about your experience at Excelsior? I am currently in the online RN to MSN program and U. Texas at Arlington, but I'm considering changing schools. I already have two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree but UTA still requires that I take a bunch of additional liberal arts general education courses in addition to the BSN nursing courses to complete the degree. At this point, I feel like literature, political science, and history courses are not how I want to spend my time and money. You might have given me an out!

    I'd greatly appreciate your input!

    Thank you.

    1. military spouse

      military spouse



      Well, Excelsior was MUCH less expensive than most options. I think I ended up having to take 12 or 13 classes, usually one at at time. Many students took more, but I’m a bit neurotic ?

      I had a great experience, and would highly recommend it if the prestige of the school is unimportant  



  8. UTA Accelerated Online RN to BSN 2020

    From what I've gathered from other threads, the research, vulnerable populations, and the capstone are the only nursing courses that really require some energy and studying. I believe the person said, "everything else is pretty much filler," "and you...
  9. UTA Accelerated Online RN to BSN 2020

    Hi. I just started the program and I'm in week 3 of 5 of the first class. The course keeps you busy, but it's not difficult. There's a lot of reading and there are short video lectures for each week, along with short quizzes on the reading and lectur...
  10. CDCR/ CA State prison schedule

    Are you saying that shifts are 16 hours long?? Are there part-time jobs?
  11. Nurselabs says: Detached retina - area of detachment should be in the dependent position. Googled "dependent position detached retina" and a textbook says, "After surgery for a detached retina, the client is positioned so that the detachment is depen...