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  1. U.S. RN BSN moving to UK

    Hey smitty Did you decide if you were going to work in the UK or not?
  2. Scott & White Nurse Internship Winter 2017

    Hi! I'm also applying as an out of state applicant to the Temple, TX location. Just wondering if you'll share about your experience applying and interviewing? Also about how you like the ER so far? I'm less concerned about pay and benefits and more i...
  3. Scott & White Summer intern 2016

    Just wondering if anyone who went through the internship had any insight into program information? I'm less concerned about pay and benefits and more interested in information on: the layout of the program; classroom education that is included; if...
  4. Has anyone applied to the BSW Summer graduate nurse internship program for 2017? I applied to Temple, TX on 3/29, did the digital interview on 4/10, and I have a phone interview on 4/18. I can't find a webinar or brochure with information about the p...
  5. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    There is now a FB group for accepted students:
  6. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    Good luck to anyone taking the math exam today :)
  7. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    Tutition is $18225/semester in the 1yr program but you cannot get graduate aid because it is considered an undergrad program. I know some schools bill it as a graduate program but Pace does not
  8. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    No, there were no available dates until almost end of November for me. Good luck! I hope its more straightforward than the "mess" of prep material they sent us.
  9. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    She said when you do your registration conference you'll talk about a placement, but it'll probably change as the semester starts. Once you start you assignment should always be on one floor, one unit, with one instructor. So for example, you could h...
  10. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    She said we would mainly be in Westchester Manhattan and the Bronx. She said they consider where we live and are flexible but we have to be also. I feel better about that. She said a few of the clinicals are half semester so we can expect to be in on...
  11. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    Yes! Left a message for e.Colon today and I'm hoping to get more answers about clinicals. I'm just thrilled to have to option if they can give me better answers about clinicals.
  12. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    Got my acceptance email! Yay.
  13. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    Nope. Tomorrow will be 10 business days and I'll call. They said we'd get an email and a letter in the mail. I'm wondering if certain people aren't checking their spam and didn't know until they got their mail. Anyway, my appserver still says in revi...
  14. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    @city28 did you hear anything? How many days has it been since your interview? Has you appserver status changed
  15. Pace ABSN Spring 2016

    They told us during the interview it took them awhile to start deciding but then they were sending them quickly so it explained the lag BUT she said now graduate admissions is busy accepting for all programs so expect it to be 10 business days. She s...