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  1. Help - I failed HESI 2a exam

    I also failed my HESI A2 exam so don't feel like you are the only one! I feel like everyone around me passed it except me! Haha but I am rescheduled to take mine again July 23rd and I have a feeling the math is going to probably be the same kind of q...
  2. Conversions

    Yes! You have to know the conversions for the Metric System and I would recommend just rewriting them down again until you memorize them. After you have memorized what is what then start converting them like how many oz are in 2 quarts? A lot of the...
  3. Hesi A&P part

    Hello! I took my HESI about two weeks ago and I can tell you what I remember it being over! Especially the A&P part: -Know what surrounds organs -Read about the cell (and I mean everything about the cell) -Know the thoracic cavity -The planes an...
  4. Round Two HESI A2 Advice

    I recently just read about how you can view your scores and examples for questions you MISSED on your HESI A2 exam. Here is an updated run down on how you do this because I think the site may have changed since the last update was given. Go to https...
  5. Took HESI a2 first time

    This past Monday I took my HESI a2 for the first time. I've been reading up on it a lot as well as studying for this exam for about a month. When I had completed the test I found out that I had failed every single section. I was absolutely devastated...