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  1. Broward College Nursing Program Spring 2022

    If you are invited, we will go over everything in preadmissions. You cannot take extra classes.
  2. Broward College Nursing Program Spring 2022

    The info sessions have nothing to do with admissions. If you are accepted, you will receive an email from me with your next steps. The nursing department runs the info sessions. They are for people who want to learn more about the program. The i...
  3. Broward College Nursing Fall 2021

    D2L is the online learning shell. You can access it when you log in from the BC homepage.
  4. Broward College Nursing Fall 2021

    In the email you guys received with the instructions, it states the zoom info will be sent out tomorrow morning.
  5. Broward College Nursing Fall 2021

    You can register for the courses the same way you register for any class at BC. If you have any issues, please email me. -Nichole
  6. Broward College Nursing Fall 2021

    Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted! Please be patient as I have received 300+ emails since yesterday. Also, please do not reply multiple times. If you replied to me between last night and today, you will receive your confirmation...
  7. Broward College Nursing Fall 2021

    Hi everyone, This will be my only post before decisions go out. When you applied, you applied to the program, not a particular campus. The campus is chosen at the time of registration if you are accepted; not before. As stated in my...
  8. Broward College Spring 2021

    The nursing program usually runs on the academic term schedule as the college as far as when terms begin and end. You can find the calendars online https://www.broward.edu/registrar/term-dates.html. If there are different dates, the program office wi...
  9. Broward College Spring 2021

    You have to follow the schedule; if there are no classes offered in the Summer, then you can't take any courses over the Summer. Some specialties are not taught during the Summer.
  10. Broward College Spring 2021

    Full time is 5 semesters; part time is 10 semesters.
  11. Broward College Spring 2021

    OK guys.. You are going to end up confusing yourselves! Please just pay attention to what is in YOUR Email. Do not compare acceptance emails. As @barbiedoll2244 stated, in Fall students were split into two groups, 1 and 2. This is the same...
  12. Broward College Spring 2021

    I know it's a bummer not being accepted but DO NOT focus on the points for this term. EVERY TERM IS DIFFERENT! I have been doing this for 10 years; I have seen terms where the acceptance points are HIGHER than this, and I have seen terms where they a...
  13. Broward College Spring 2021

    Every semester is different. This semester we had a very strong pool with a lot of applicants. Emails will go out tomorrow to everyone with the explanation of their status.
  14. Broward College Spring 2021

    Hi everyone, Emails regarding statuses will be sent out by close of business tomorrow. It is a manual process; statuses are changed by me for each student who applies. Emails are not generated when your status changes. Once everyone is updated,...
  15. Broward College Spring 2021

    LOL, not going to happen today. Sorry.

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