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  1. Audrey1313

    TJC LVN 2017

    Anyone got accepted in the am tyler?
  2. Audrey1313

    TJC LVN 2017

    Hi there anyone attending the LVN am in fall?
  3. Audrey1313


    Congrats....that's not a bad score I assure you. It depends on the school you are applying for . What score is your school demanding? Some Schools ask for a 70. For the tips do more questions online. Google teas practice test and you will find lots of websites.
  4. Audrey1313

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Newly Accepted Student

    Congrats on your acceptance which School is that if you don't mind. For the gift maybe they could get you some comfy shoes for school and clinicals. If your school requires a particular color than they could get it for you.
  5. Audrey1313


    Hi there I took the TEAS V in the past but now I have to take the TEAS VI am worried is it different? What should I expect? Can I use my TEAS v book to study?
  6. Audrey1313

    AVC RN program 2017

    Where is AVC?
  7. Hi there does anyone know of any schools still accepting ADN/BSN applications for Spring 2017 in the south. I mean Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Georgia etc. Am also open to other states apart from this.
  8. Audrey1313

    Anyone applying for TJC Fall 2016

    does anyone know of any nursing schools in the SOUTH still accepting ADN Application for spring 2017?
  9. Audrey1313

    OCCC Spring 2017

    hi Everyone am applying for the spring but i cant find the application form and requirements online. what is the CPT
  10. Audrey1313

    OCCC Nursing Fall 2016

    has anyone heard from the school yet
  11. Audrey1313

    OCCC Fall 16 Nursing Program

    has anyone heard from occc fall 2016
  12. Audrey1313

    OCCC Spring 2016

    quick question which entrance exam did you guys take for the ADN
  13. Audrey1313

    OCCC fall 2016

    Yes I have thanks
  14. Audrey1313

    OCCC fall 2016

    I am applying to occc traditional program and i was wondering which entrance exam to take compass or accuplacer. thanks
  15. Am applying to Tyler junior college was wondering if anyone is also applying. Thanks