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  1. Bamana425

    Failure In Need

    I graduated nursing school in December with my BSN. I was on the accelerated track and aced every HESI thrown my way with near perfect scores. Due to a paperwork mistake on befalf of my school, no one in my class received their ATT #s until about a month or more later. By this time I had started a new job (retail was killing me and I had bills to pay), which required a lot of education and training. I had moved from my home, into a place with roomates and incredibly annoying dogs. And the week of my NCLEX, my boyfriend (whom I live with) came down with one heck of a case of Mono Hepatitis. It got the point where he couldn't even feed himself. I had a lot of life going on around the time of my exam. Unfortunately, it got the best of me. I failed my NCLEX. I am not someone who fails at anything and I take it very hard when I do. My family that was oh so quick to assure me that I would pass without thinking about it was shocked. Since my failure, I have not been motivated to study or re-apply for another test. I think I am too scared of failing again. I need to know how to find motivation to get back on the horse. Daily I have loved ones and co-workers asking when I will re-schedule my exam. It is not a lack of a support group. I am living in fear of failing once again and each day I lose more of my knowledge that I worked so hard to obtain. Any advice?
  2. Bamana425

    Klimek Review Book

    I was going to sign up for the Mark Klimek NCLEX review course in my area (which I realize may be something only people from my area are aware of), however, none of the review dates worked out but I'd still like to get the book. I read on the registration form that if you pay your deposit and then cancel, you are able to "request" a copy of the book. Here are my questions: 1) Is cancelling and then requesting a book a difficult process? Do you have to mail in a written request? 2) Do you think the book is worth all of that trouble? Did it help?