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    Creating a Saunders Study Guide- Stay Tuned

    You rock. Thank you
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    woot woot. Congratulations. You did it...
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    nursing school is hard

    Sending you good vibes. You will succeed. :)
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    I Got the Job Offer Today!

    Congratulations :)
  5. Hurst and Kaplan did not work for me; currently trying to figure out what will. However, i say give them a shot, they will probably work out better for you. Good luck
  6. meccana

    NCLEX and Job Advice

    Hey all, I graduated from nursing school last month and was well on my way to a bright future. I graduated top of my class with a nursing job in hand. Studied for NCLEX for three weeks , took it and failed with 170 questions (Utilized Hurst, Lippincott Prep U, Kaplan and Saunders). Upon receiving the devastating news, i drove to the hospital and told the nursing manager what had happened. He was very kind and assured me that everything would be alright. He asked me how long i would have to wait to retest and i let him know and he said it would be no problem. I voiced my concerns about how scared i was to lose my job and he assured me that all would be well and he would ask HR to move my start date. Two days later, i get a call from HR and she states that my job offer is rescinded because i did not pass the NCLEX. I was shocked because the manager had just told me i had nothing to worry about. Called him up and he was standoffish and just told me to call him back when i pass my boards (which i will). As fate would have it, thirty minutes later, i get a call from another hospital and am scheduled to interview with four different nurse managers in a month. I am writing to ask if this is common practice when it comes to job offers for new grads. There was no discussion at any point that if i was unsuccessful in my NCLEX attempt that i would lose my job. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Plus any tips for taking the NCLEX a second time around is greatly appreciated. My family relies on me and i have to make it. Thanks to everyone for reading my long post. Have a good one.