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  1. Not sure what you can do. It would be nice to be able to litigate against AMN, but hardly worth the effort for $500.00. I have entertained the idea of figuring a way to break my own contract with AMN but have refrained because of the potential problems I could face. I am currently working my second assignment with AMN and have no intention of continuing with them. My first assignment was satisfactory but the current assignment is a contract from hell...yes, I signed it, but I must say there was plenty of deception on the part of my recruiter who refuses to return phone calls and e-mails at this point. As a Nurse who spent 31 years as a permanent hospital employee, it's quite different negotiating with a recruiter who seems to have the negotiating ethics of a used car salesman.
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    I've seen spouses traveling together. Same shift should not be too hard to find if you guys are willing to work nights. Talk to your tax man regarding your stipends and the possible deductions you will need to have to avoid purchasing an F-16 all by yourself. You do if fact need to be very flexible when dealing with new processes, employees and supervisors with varying degrees of skills and professionalism. One year ICU sounds a little new to the field but you should be able to find something. Avoid AMN if possible and it's subsidiaries, you might find a better contract.