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Mr.Lollercoastr CNA, LPN

LTC, Rehab.

Currently back in school for my RN.

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Mr.Lollercoastr has 2 years experience as a CNA, LPN and specializes in LTC, Rehab..

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  1. Mr.Lollercoastr

    NCLEX in 75?

    If you got a lot of SATA questions, that's often a very good sign. When I took the PN version, half of my test was SATA, and prioritization questions, they even threw a question with a strip asking me to identify whether it was V-fib, v-tach, LOL. What I recommend is to wait for two days for you unofficial results. I did the PV trick but psyched myself out and thought I failed. Congratulations to you OP!!
  2. Mr.Lollercoastr

    Reading nursing textbooks

    Hello, everyone. I am a new nursing student, currently enrolled in a BSN program. As you can see in the title, I am curious on how can I learn to read nursing school textbooks. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.