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  1. Hi, I'm from the USA and you don't need a visa to go take the OSCE, but if you plan on staying to work you must enter with a work visa. I received my acceptance in Sept. and am sitting for the OSCE soon. They require you wait minimum 2 weeks from receiving your decision letter. Check out the pass rates too. Looks pretty strict with the pass/fail formula so I think extra study time is a good idea. There are some good study books out there, check on Amazon
  2. MaeCarol

    OSCE in the UK

    Hi, I'm soon to sit for the OSCE and am struggling with the APIE area. I've done this for 20 years in the hospital setting, but what exactly are they looking for? Assessment is objective but where in the activities of living are the VS/observations placed? I have studied for weeks and still cannot find clear cut answers of exactly what it is the testers are wanting for specific answers regarding this. I also think my past years of nursing are hindering this. I tend to overthink everything. Help anyone?
  3. Daisy, I hopefully will be interested in some study assistance soon. However, I do have a questions I hope you can help me with. I am a nurse from the USA with a bachelors degree in nursing, from a well noted university also. I am having difficulty with my transcripts being accepted due to the fact that the USA higher education is based upon the credit system and not specifically broken down into theory and clinical hours. My university registrar did do a breakdown of my transcripts for me after talking with the NMC, however I believe they only included theory hours. The forms provided by the NMC for my nurses training do include both theory and clinical hours. Do you have suggestions for me in how to go about making sure all is done correctly in the submission of my application? I had a wonderful nurses training program, graduated with honours from University and I have had a very successful career for 20 years in the USA. I wish to live and work in the UK so I can be with my partner permanently. I've had to do resubmissions of differing documents and I feel that I am missing something significant in my process of application. Help!?
  4. MaeCarol

    USA Nurse applying to the UK

    I am continuing in my application process with the NMC in the UK. I also noted the extremely low pass rates for the OSCE. Anyone have suggestions here? I've had to submit and resubmit several documents to the NMC without clear explanation of what exactly needs to be changed upon resubmission and the people I speak with tend to be very short of patience. I've passed the IELTS and the CBT, my education is excellent, however my transcripts are now in process of being put from the credit system to the UK's theory and practice clinical hour system. Therefore, I am again waiting and waiting for the NMC's approval. Then I read about the 47% first time pass rate for the OSCE. What's up? Is this system set up for deliberate failure? I have been a nurse for 20 years with a very successful career and I have no problem proving my skills and knowledge, but is all this worth the effort? I've sadly left a job that was closely approaching the 3 figure mark and now it looks like my efforts here may be sadly lacking. Anyone have any suggestions to aid me in this process? I feel like I'm swimming upstream with no hope of success.
  5. There is also an OSCE study book available online with Barnes and Noble. I bought it and it looks like a great study guide on what they will be looking for and great advise on how to pass successfully.
  6. MaeCarol

    Requirements for UK NursingLicensure

    The IELTS has to be less than two years to qualify, but if you did it once you'd easily pass again. If you decide to attempt let me know I have lots of places I've researched information on regarding this process. And when you pass your NCLEX look to the states with unions, they are usually the best paying for nurses. I work in Minnesota and earn a great wage. Once again, Good Luck! Remember, you already know this stuff from nursing school and clinicals. easy peasy :-)
  7. MaeCarol

    Requirements for UK NursingLicensure

    All the requirements are at "Nursing and Midwifery Council" for the UK website. The best advise I can give you is pass the NCLEX. If you wish to qualify for working within the UK you must take the IELTS, academic level for the UK (there are only 6 centers in the USA for this test) and you must score above a 7 in each section, this is truly an academic level, therefore be prepared, it took me two attempts to pass and it is very expensive. Then you have to have your nursing education to be at the UK standards (this you have to read up on). If you qualify you take a computer based test here, which is difficult in the sense if you answer wrong one of the "critical" question it's an automatic fail. There are no specific courses for this but lots of information on the web. Look at the UK web site, it spells it all out what is needed. I do believe you may need to have work experience also, but I'm not positive on this. Good Luck!! Kaplan courses are great study guides for NCLEX
  8. MaeCarol

    Requirements for UK NursingLicensure

    On one of the forms to be sent back to the NMC is titled "Registration training areas reference form" This is to be filled out by the College (remember I graduated in 1997), however, I attended a university with 4 year degree. My nursing clinicals were in all the required areas by several different instructors and two hospitals. I believe that I can have the head of the nursing program at my university to sign the form according to my records from the school. Do you think I should also have my nurse manager fill out the same form? This is so confusing for me and I really want to get it right the first time. The form is in direct reference to place of employment regarding training in nursing.
  9. MaeCarol

    Requirements for UK NursingLicensure

    I have plenty of theory hours on my transcripts, however the clinical hours are not counted for on this document. I am going to the college I attended to have them sign and verify for my clinical hours. It will be documented along with the declaration they require from the College. Do believe that will be adequate for the Nursing and Midwifery Council?
  10. I'm hoping someone can help me with a few answers in the registration process regarding the application for UK nursing licensure. I've at the stage where I am getting ready to turn in all my documents to the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I have a four year degree in Nursing, my graduation date was May 1997. From what I am reading on the required paperwork to be filled out from the College I attended is a breakdown of clinical hours in the differing categories. What exactly is the requirement to meet expectations to obtain licensure with the NMC?? I believe my educational requirement is satisfactory with the four year degree. I have my transcripts, but I am not sure if I can still obtain a breakdown of clinical hours spent in each category after all this time since I graduated from College. Has anyone else gone through this experience? And if so can you please advise me? Also, do I really require my high school diploma?? I graduated in 1979 I am desperate to get this right on the first attempt when I send my paperwork via courier. Any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I understand that I require an FBI background check, the health declaration from my GP, my employer forms, references plus my sealed transcripts. Thanks everyone!! All comments and suggestions are much appreciated.
  11. MaeCarol

    Nursing Jobs in Aberdeenshire Scotland

    I am now signed up to take the computer based testing required by the NMC. I would love some input on what to expect and what I really should be studying. I've got the Royal Marsden Manual and downloaded guides from the NMC website. Any input is greatly appreciated!! I'd love to hear from anyone who has already worked through the process and can guide me on where to focus my studies. Thanks everyone!!!
  12. MaeCarol

    Nursing Jobs in Aberdeenshire Scotland

    I understand that I cannot work as a labor and delivery nurse. I am looking for a job as a General Nurse or possibly Peds (I am trained to level 2 NICU). I have checked with the NMC and I am currently in the process of taking the exams. That's the reason for my wishing to begin after 1st of January. I've found an agency that will accept me for England, however, I really wish to be in NE Scotland due to a relationship I am in. Since you have to be prehired for a work visa, I hope to find a Nursing Agency for the Scotland area. Edinburgh would be great too as I would be at least a bit closer. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi, I am currently a nurse working in Minnesota and will be moving to Aberdeen Scotland area by January 2016. I'm having difficulty navigating nursing positions or agencies in this area. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this. I've made a few enquiries but it appears that most want you to have experience in the UK, the only agencies I've found that will prehire are in England. Any input and suggestions are very welcome. I have 19 years of experience as a staff nurse at a teaching hospital, and I specialize in Maternal/Child health with a focus on Labor and Delivery.