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I'm a shy person, I have few close friends and have feelings for everyone

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  1. ayo2

    Ask me anything, Australian RN here

    Hi! I'm a RN, I already have my bachelor's degree in nursing I got my registration in 2016 And I would like to work in Australia How do I go about it?
  2. Hi nurses. I'm a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree also. I'm registered in Nigeria. I would like to migrate to Australia to practice .I don't know how to start and I need guidance. Any help?
  3. ayo2

    working in Saudi Arabia

    I'm a registered nurse licensed in Nigeria and I would love to work in Saudi Arabia for awhile How do I go about it? Is working in Saudi Arabia fun?
  4. ayo2

    how to write a CV

    Sure. I would like that so much. It would be of help. Kindly share it on my PM
  5. ayo2

    how to write a CV

    Thanks a lot. Its a resume I guess
  6. ayo2

    how to write a CV

    I just graduated with a nursing degree from the university and I want to apply for a job and I have no work experience. I need a guide on how to write my CV
  7. ayo2

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    Jim! The bulb holder's too long. My hair's gon get stuck with it