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  1. AllIcanbe

    Wolford CRNA Fall 2017

    What crap are people talking? That future applicants should be aware? Oh well...if anyone is hell bent on going to Wolford...goodluck! But i find it worrisome that some are so defensivve about Wolford. Newsflash- there are other anesthesia schools taking applications.. and what has anyone said that is not true? As it is, what are the chances that they are gonna pass COA in January since COA gave them enough chances before its decision?
  2. AllIcanbe

    Wolford college CRNA Spring 2018

    obijacobi...Looking at your join date..it is either you are a troll or you are just desperate to get into any school...either way....good luck! Hopefully Wolford stays open for people like you...
  3. AllIcanbe

    Wolford college CRNA Spring 2018

    So unfortunate but some students knew the mess they were getting into! A school that has abt 3-4 cohorts/ yr is more like a money grabbing puppy mill to me....
  4. AllIcanbe

    Wolford college CRNA Spring 2018

    Read Wolford lost its accreditation starting 9/2018...so unfair to current students who just started!
  5. AllIcanbe

    Wolford CRNA Fall 2017

    Future applicants be careful- read Wolford lost accreditation starting 9/2018!
  6. AllIcanbe

    CRNA school: All you need to know

    First year, third semester of CRNA school...I still work ~40hrs/2weeks. I am not a typical CRNA student though..i will say I am more laid back and not very easily stressed. I have a very wonderful partner who helps out with the kids so I am able to work . I still work to pay bills/pay down student loans because I do not want to live solely on student loans because then CRNA school will make no sense if I graduate with 150k debt as I was making ~100k as a nurse. Everyone is different, My program is front loaded and I have students wishing they did not outright quit their jobs when school started. Good luck and stay positive ( very important) whatever path you choose.
  7. AllIcanbe


    read it on this same website ; poster stated psych dnp prog cancelled due to low enrollment.
  8. AllIcanbe


    On the contrary; the DNP may die a slow death. Some colleges are already scrapping their DNP programs..
  9. AllIcanbe

    I am a student NP. Should I put RN-BSN on my resume?

    Most of these certifications are crap anyways.. I have brand new ICU trainees taking the CCRN exam and turn around and ask you : how fast can I push Metoprololí ¾í´”
  10. AllIcanbe

    From SRNA to CRNA

    Couple on this website... Very few though.
  11. AllIcanbe

    From SRNA to CRNA

    Milk of Amnesia; I think you attended SMU, Minneapolis? Will you recommend the program?.. Getting started in a few weeks. Somedays, I ask myself if I really wanna do this? I make decent money as it is ( nothing compared to a CRNA of course).. I guess what I am trying to say is.. Was 'it' all worth it in the end?
  12. AllIcanbe


    I think MN favors PAs over NPs...
  13. AllIcanbe

    Wolford College CRNA February 2016 entry

    .. People accept it because it is an easier way out I think. Someone posted above that Wolford is the only school that will accept him/her.. Talk about standards.
  14. AllIcanbe

    Is it still financially worth it to become CRNA?

    so did you stop work altogether or you did you go back to floor nursing?
  15. AllIcanbe

    Saint Mary's 2015 crna app

    Make sure your personal statement is really impressive as the school no longer does interviews. Let your statement speak for you.
  16. AllIcanbe

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    Is someone really going to apply for this job? I am sure office of the POTUS doesnt have as many requirements... !!