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  1. jackieweldonrn

    Nursing school as a Mom

    You can do it! Being a mom, you're already trained to be in a million places at once and getting a lot of stuff done in a short period of time. I started nursing school when my son was 5 months old and graduated when he was 20 months old...and was pregnant with my daughter when I graduated. You've got this!
  2. jackieweldonrn

    Ambulatory RN interview- med/surg experience

    Just wanted to update... I interviewed, got called back for a second interview/shadow opportunity and then found out this week that I got the job! I'm so excited!
  3. jackieweldonrn

    Ambulatory RN interview- med/surg experience

    It's a specialty clinic that houses physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, it's also a medical clinic for various neurological and spasticity disorders. It's an approved autism evaluation center as well. They host sibling workshops, assist those old enough in obtaining drivers licenses when possible, teach necessary life skills for independence...it's pretty dang awesome. I have a daughter with Down syndrome which is a huge reason I want this job. I got to go to a benefit dinner for this clinic several years ago and totally fell in love with their mission. I also think my personal background will help me to advocate for patients and families because I have truly "been there". I've also taken care of adults on my current unit with various cognitive and physical disabilities.
  4. jackieweldonrn

    Certified Child Life Specialist?

    My daughter was critically ill as a baby and spent 5 weeks inpatient at a huge medical center, 3 of those in the ICU. We LOVED the child life specialists that took the time to help us make sure our older son's needs were met. One of the CCLS was physically impaired and she was definitely the most popular. Her attitude was outstanding and all of the kids and parents loved her.
  5. Hi, I have an interview on Thursday for an ambulatory RN position in a pediatric clinic that serves children and families with special needs. I have 3 years hospital experience on a med/surg unit. The interview is for a clinic in the same health system where I currently work, so it would be a transfer for me. Any ambulatory interview tips? What should I wear? I wore black pants, flats and a white button up blouse to my interview for my current position. I've only ever had one nursing interview! How might this interview be different than an interview for an inpatient setting?
  6. jackieweldonrn

    Ambulatory interview-med/surg experience

    Hi, I'm new to this site! I have three years experience in a hospital on a med/surg unit. I have an interview at a pediatric special needs clinic as an ambulatory RN on Thursday. It's with the same health system, so it would be a transfer for me. Any interview tips? Questions I should ask? What should I wear to the interview? Did anyone have any questions asked that surprised them? I've only ever had one nursing interview and I got the job, but it's been three years and is a totally different setting.