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  1. Amplified Stethoscope

    You can get it from reddingmedical for $299 and newegg for $309, if apprehensive about EBay. I have the litmmann, mostly for aesthetic looks. If you wear hearing aids, might as well go for the best, especially since their only about $20 difference ...
  2. Is the extended range selection of the Littmann 3200 a useful feature over the Littmann 3100 model? I don't care about the recording features of the 3200. I am unsure if the extended range mode is worth an extra $60. These are both old models. Shou...
  3. I want to throat-punch my co-worker

    If this is going to be a Dalton punch, are you going to post it on Youtube, since you'll be going to jail anyway? A bilateral palpation of the Carotid artery would be less messy, and you could still post it on Youtube. A pint of Cherry Garcia and a f...
  4. Is it okay to have snacks in my pockets for clinical?

    While driving to the clinical site, eat an Oatmega bar or niibar bar. Keep an extra one for lunch break.
  5. Anatomy homework help. Need a nurses opinion!

    I did not make it past sentence two. If this is High School, I would complain to the school superintendent. If this is a college class, I would complain to the department chair.
  6. Your doing it backwards. Go to sleep normal time and wake up an hour or two earlier.
  7. It's not too bad. Only Full moons count. No rounding up! :)
  8. The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    I'm primarily pro vaccine. Only have the whole cell Pertussis vaccine? Bring it on! Flu vaccine generates a lot of money because it can be given and forced upon almost anyone. The target group that it actually helps is relatively small and sligh...
  9. Less tries than licks in a Tootsie pop and more than I would have preferred.
  10. Taking BP: Can't hear systolic!

    Try holding the chestpiece between the distal phalanges of your index and middle finger in a 'V' shape for Victory.
  11. Please stop making that sound !

    You may reconsider if your'e interred in the collateral damage of an individual who does not partake in the aforementioned annoying behavior.
  12. Tips for a new nursing student?

    Since you have free time to write such long posts, here's some more reading : , How People Learn to Learn! - Foundation Coalition
  13. Skills Test Anxiety

    Practice on a family member you get along the least with. If not available have someone to practice with that offers the wrong arm or provides it at the wrong angle. Have them talk to you when you're trying to concentrate, but not during the actual a...
  14. Should I give up scrubs?

    Does the school stock business suits from Nordstrom in case someone from the police or fire department have to show up?
  15. Too scared to do the PVT!

    Sorry to hear that. Don't get that bottle of scotch, but do go out with friends and celebrate your first battle.