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  1. I'm an adult psych NP currently working outpatient in the Northeast. I'm looking to relocate to the Southwest, New Mexico or maybe Arizona, and switch to inpatient exclusively (general adult incl. dual diagnosis if necessary, no med-psych i.e. neurocognitive d/o). Anyone have any leads? I've contacted multiple recruiters but have only one potentially interesting opening so far. I'm only interested in permanent positions not locums or contract. Also, I have no idea what the salary range for inpatient work in that area would be. Thx everyone.
  2. headshrinker

    NP Salaries/Location/Specialties

    Anyone here work inpatient psych in NM or AZ? I'm thinking about relocating but have no idea what "the going rate" in those areas is. Salary surveys put the average quite a bit lower than in my current area (Northeast) despite high demand and low supply in the Southwest as opposed to high supply where I'm now. I certainly do not want to undersell myself especially since this would be a major move but I also do not want to undermine myself either since I really want to go out west.
  3. headshrinker

    Can I be an RN with a mental illness?

    Why not as long as all your symptoms are managed. You could work as an RN after all if you have say diabetes or hyperlipidema. Besides, you don't have to tell any one. You'd be protected under the ADA.
  4. I'm thinking about moving from the east coast to New Mexico, maybe Arizona. I'm an adult psych np and am looking for inpatient work only. Anyone have ideas about opportunities somewhere? and what are attractive towns to look at? Right now I have potential interviews at Artesia General Hospital in Artesia New Mexico and at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo New Mexico. Thoughts? Suggestions? And how long approximately would it take me to get a New Mexico or an Arizona license by endorsement? Mass is not a compact state. Thx!!!