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  1. July BOLC 2015

    I am a new Army RN and I was told the August BOLC class filled up so now I am slotted for October BOLC. Do you all have any advice on how long it took you to get your orders? And when I should contact my BNC to follow up if I don't hear? I took my NC...
  2. Army Nurse Corps Question

    I commissioned into the Army Nurse Corps in May and passed my NCLEX June 9th. I was notified that I would be going to the October BOLC class. For those who have been in my shoes before, how long does it typically take before you hear your duty statio...
  3. Passed in 75! My NCLEX Experience

    One of my classmates was kind enough to make a Quizlet of all the medications in the Kaplan book so I used those but focused on the classes at a time. You will go crazy if you try to study every single detail about meds, it's best to look at them in ...
  4. Passed in 75! My NCLEX Experience

    Kaplan was enough for me, I thought the content videos and rationales were good! But it's up to you! My study schedule would tell me which videos to watch and also how many questions I would do, it helped me break it all down!
  5. Passed in 75! My NCLEX Experience

    So like many others, I read these posts very often when I was preparing for the NCLEX-RN. They were a useful and comforting source as I studied every day and especially while I was waiting for results. Here is my NCLEX experience! My background: I gr...
  6. Massachusetts License

    Thank you! I will look out for it Monday!
  7. MA ATT processing time?

    Have any of you Massachusetts RNs passed and gotten your license number yet? I got my pass quick result on Thursday and not sure how long it will take to get the number from online...
  8. Types of SATA on NCLEX?

    Kaplan's QBank was probably the most helpful for SATA. It also has a sample test that is entirely alternative questions. The NCLEX mastery app also has tons, as well as!
  9. Took NCLEX this morning 75 questions!!!!

    An exhibit question is when they give you a patient's chart (lab values, vitals, etc) and you have to answer a question on the back of that info! They're not too bad.
  10. Types of SATA on NCLEX?

    I heard I passed the NCLEX yesterday in 75 questions! Never would have expected that because I struggled with Kaplan's SATA questions. I often would miss one of the choices or be way off. But when I got to the actual NCLEX, I had about 25-30 SATA. I ...
  11. Massachusetts License

    I was wondering when RN licenses appear on the Massachusetts Board website? I've heard 3 days but I've also heard a week? I took the NCLEX yesterday so I'm wondering when to expect it (if I passed of course!)
  12. 1 Week Until NCLEX!

    I just took the NCLEX yesterday and it shut down in 75. While I don't know if I passed yet or not, I would just say to keep doing questions. The last week, I did QBank questions and worked with my NCLEX Mastery App (finished all of the QBank about 3 ...
  13. Took NCLEX this morning 75 questions!!!!

    I took my NCLEX yesterday (June 9th) and I have to say that our experiences sound VERY similar. Mine shut off at 75 too which really surprised me, I was expecting to stay at least longer than an hour! I didn't count how many SATA that I had, but it w...