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  1. obrn2

    L&D vs Postpartum ... literally

    If my charge is hounding me to move a patient and she's stable, sometimes I move a patient when her epidural is wearing off and has not gotten PO meds. For the most part I try to give all my patients decent pain control, but sometimes unit needs dic...
  2. obrn2

    L&D vs Postpartum ... literally

    Plan of Care :)
  3. obrn2

    L&D vs Postpartum ... literally

    POC! In PP, there is a LOT to do so the plan is r/t teaching, vaccinations, breastfeeding, pain control, post-op care, baby weight gain/loss, screenings, etc. However, for L&D it's the immediate SAFETY of mom/baby and getting baby OUT - we could...
  4. obrn2

    Gift basket for new L&D nurse

    maybe a hemostat with her name engraved? always come in handy and get lost frequently.
  5. obrn2

    L&D RN's opinions on doulas?

    I love GOOD doulas. The best doulas help with position changes, encouragement, getting my patients to the bathroom with the IV poles, feeding ice chips and MY FAVORITE, help with changing out dirty chux. OMG. That's the best. I can feel comfortable...
  6. obrn2

    "2+ years of L&D/PP experience required"

    IMO, when they are requesting 2+ years, they really want someone with experience. The unit might just be short staffed and they cannot afford, figuratively or literally, to have an inexperienced RN. You can keep trying, or try to get an introductio...
  7. obrn2

    New hire RN accused of being "mean."

    Ooooohhh, this totally resonates with me. I got it, too. Self-reflection is key and yes, tone does make a difference. As mentioned above, asking if they have time, would they mind doing this..., thank you, please, etc...It is understood it's their ...
  8. obrn2

    Prolonged second stage and arrest of descent

    It can be really trying to be a nurse caring for an OP baby. Go easy on yourself. You are not the make or break it person for the mom. We can feel that we are, but there are so many factors that go into this! My first thought is the mother has to be...
  9. obrn2

    Med error help

    What kind of help are you wanting? Other than reassurance that we've all made errors in some form or another, I'd like to encourage you to write an incident report or its equivalent for your facility. You say the proper people area aware, but it is...
  10. obrn2

    Interested in Mother/Baby...thoughts?

    You could reasonably ask for a chance! Maybe they can start to float you there or have you come in an extra day to shadow. Did you find you really enjoyed breastfeeding your kids or did you find the nurses were of help to you after you gave birth? ...
  11. obrn2

    Should I wait to have a baby?

    I waited. My fertility was tops then, but the age factor has affected my ovarian reserve. The real problem? Male factor infertility. It seems no one talks about male factor infertility! I did not even really know this was a thing until... We may o...
  12. obrn2

    Need to pick up your brains LD nurses!

    Join AWHONN as a student and network within your chapter and at local events. One thing to consider is most certifications will last a couple of years before needing to be renewed. This can get pricey, so it is something for you to consider. Maybe ...
  13. Also, consider joining AWHONN and join chapters near you to network with other RNs in the field. Then apply, apply apply. Good luck.
  14. obrn2

    Banker to nurse - Would you make the switch

    Best advice ever - go shadow an RN! Before you make any changes, make sure you can handle it. There are volunteer programs that would give you exposure to what nurses do - take advantage of them. And while Women's Health is your area of interes...
  15. obrn2

    Delayed Cord Clamping

    Within the last two months I've had the NICU doctor advise parents against delayed cord clamping due to increased risk of polycythemia for their term infant. They do a routine 30-60 sec delay for pretermers only. Midwives do this practice routinely ...
  16. Try National Guideline Clearinghouse with a search for skin to skin. There is a lot of information available on this topic. National Guideline Clearinghouse | Home Good luck! I love having our moms do skin to skin.