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  1. lou000

    Scared took my nclex today!

    I did it!! Thank you!!!
  2. lou000

    Scared took my nclex today!

    @justbeachynurse thank you for replying. I felt way more prepare this time around. The first time I used the 3 week NCSBN review and Kaplan qbank but I remember being extremely anxious and kind of rushing through the questions. Time I used the in person Kaplan review and Lacharity, even thought my scores were not as high as I wanted them I did feel more confident the things is the day before the exam I got sick from fish allergic and I wasn't able to reschedule so I went and took the test and all looked so confusing. I'm very defeated about this I keep on choking the BON but nothing is posted yet. Oh god:/
  3. lou000

    Scared took my nclex today!

    Help everyone! I'm new to this website, well new as a member but I've been reading this blog since I started nursing school 4 years ago. Well I took my NCLEX today and the pic shut down at 75 questions as it did the first time. I'm quite concern and scared about failing again. I left Pearson in tears convinced that I failed, I was there for almost 2 hours and I would say that probably 80% of my test questions were prioritization, 2 exhibit, about 15 SATA a few drugs and no calculations. I have to say the first time the questions were a little different and I was certain I failed which I did. Now I'm like confused and sad. I don't want to do the PVT. Anyone out there who can relate to this? Thank you :/
  4. lou000

    How to Answer "Tell us About Yourself"

    Hi, i hav e a question. this is actually the first time I use the site si I don't really know how it works....Anyways Im America citenzen and I studied BSN in the Philippines. Now I'm back in Cali and I've been hearing that BON in CA requires for OB 5 actuals, 5 cord care and 5 newborn care and for medsurg they requiere 5 minor and 5 major procedures. The good thing is that i have all the cases complete but I'm still doubting if this is all they are asking for. Please please someone let me know before i submitt my application. Im also using CGFNS to transfer my records. Please i would really appreciate some help here. Thank you!!!