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  1. RN-APNstudent

    Feel dumb?

    Hi guys! I've been on this site a while now, I rarely post but I am reading threads all the time! Anyways, I am an RN of 4.5 years and recently started the DNP program after finishing my BSN this summer. My concern here is wondering if anybody feels ...
  2. RN-APNstudent

    From RN to NP

    Getting a few years of RN experience is definitely beneficial and will make you a better NP. I have been a nurse 4 years and just started the NP program and I'm so happy I have the knowledge I do from my 4 years of nursing
  3. RN-APNstudent

    How do you explain the DNP?

    DNP is a terminal nursing degree for those interested in the clinical setting. It will allow you bigger opportunities to teach and having a doctorate versus masters is more appealing to physicians when looking for jobs (as said by various physicians...
  4. RN-APNstudent

    not on the work schedule

    I'm pretty sure that is illegal in some way!!!
  5. RN-APNstudent

    terminated- feeling like a failure

    It absolutely does not mean you should leave nursing!! I spent the first 2 years of my nursing career as a eager youngster that got bullied tremendously. You learned from your mistake, which we all do!! Don't give up
  6. RN-APNstudent

    Starting Nursing School!!

    Plan on dedicating your life to studying!! Don't slack and don't let yourself get behind, organization is key!
  7. RN-APNstudent

    University of Michigan Flint

    Funny this thread came long I am actually in my first semester of the DNP program at u of m flint! It's very difficult to find any threads about my school on here, did you end up going there and how has your journey been? My first month has been kick...
  8. RN-APNstudent

    Needing some details about DNP track

    Getting your RN and then BSN will take a good 4-5 years, I would focus on achieving those and then looking into NP programs. Things are continually changing and you'll want to probably assess your options later on, once you've figured out a path and ...
  9. RN-APNstudent

    Why do nurses seem to have a bad reputation?

    I feel the opposite! I am very proud to be a nurse, whenever somebody asks me what I do and I tell them I'm an RN I never have gotten a bad reaction. People seem to be very trusting of nurses, and most of the time acknowledge how hard we work.
  10. RN-APNstudent

    Disappointed in the book format

    I've used online books for a few of my classes for the RN to BSN program I just finished, it sucks! I like hard copy books WAY better- consider renting them! I'm not sure of a source but I know of many people that find books to rent and it's cheap.
  11. RN-APNstudent

    Took the NCLEX...all 265 questions

  12. RN-APNstudent

    Nursing Career After Reprimanding

    I'm so sorry for the disappointing news. I know we all had high hope for you with this opportunity. I wish there was advice I had for you, but unfortunately there is not.
  13. RN-APNstudent

    Fluid overload with low Bp

    How low of BP?
  14. RN-APNstudent

    How long should I stay at my first nursing job?

    Also- a lot of positions require 1-2 years med/surge exp so getting that time frame in on your unit may benefit you if you ever decide to leave ER. Just my thoughts
  15. RN-APNstudent

    How long should I stay at my first nursing job?

    Most facilities have a policy of being an employee for 6 months before you can transfer internally. If you know you love the ER I say go for it- the whole "getting a year or two at your first job" doesn't really matter that much In the long run espec...
  16. RN-APNstudent

    advice? asked to go home during shift

    It sounds like you probably came off as feeling that you didn't need orientation. I Only have 4 years of experience but I train a lot of nurses at my job. The ones that come off that way are frustrating to work with, especially because they ARE brand...