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  1. uchihaitachi

    Tri City medical center

    Hi there @namierins I am just not sure when they will be starting to operate. And for that, I think they are still looking for a staff nurse position. I just dropped by there since my home is located near to the hospital.
  2. uchihaitachi

    Tri City medical center

    Hello @methylorange08 : I only passed my resume to the guard on duty. Then after 2 1/2 weeks, I received a call from them to have the initial exam. Also, you should have updated your bls, acls and ivt.
  3. uchihaitachi

    Tri City medical center

    What do you mean?
  4. uchihaitachi

    Tri City medical center

    Anyone here who applied in tri city medical center at pasig city. If so, how long did you wait for your next interview with the chief nurse? And how does the chief nurse delivers the interview? Thank you
  5. uchihaitachi

    My experience in Capitol Medical Center

    If your board rating is below 78% but you have had a hospital experience, would they consider the applicant?