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  1. Teenypip

    Social Worker Wants to Become a Tech

    I agree- do the BSN- NO reason for you to go to LPN school. Not sure about GA, but most hospitals I know of (in Florida) don't hire LPN's. It really wouldn't make sense to do that. I work with a MSW who is also a RN. She prefers to stay quiet about her nursing skills lol.
  2. Teenypip

    MAJOR Career Decision, Public Health?

    Trust your gut! I started my nursing career in a 500 bed teaching hospital. I wasn't happy. Eventually I started with a non-profit Hospice as a case manager. I went to admissions for a bit which ignited my passion for teaching. Eventually I became my organization's nursing educator and employee health RN. I love it! I COULD earn more at a for profit hospital but NO WAY! I start my BS in Public Health next year. Good luck! Remember nothing is permanent...
  3. I wouldn't do it. I am so sorry to be negative but I agree with everyone else. Volunteer, help friends, anything...but nursing school is a gamble at this point. Good luck to you!