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  1. FickleT

    Ohio Health CC Fellowship

    My start date was delayed for a couple of months so I didn't have an answer to your question. The fellowship is 15 weeks long.
  2. FickleT

    ATI comprehensive RN Exit

    Just wanted to update this thread. I remediated Form A and studied the guide that was posted and get a 78, which is a 97% chance of passing the NCLEX.
  3. FickleT

    Ohio Health CC Fellowship

    Hey all! I have an interview with Ohio Health for their critical care and medsurg fellowships next week, and don't know anyone that's done either. What are yalls thoughts on their critical care fellowship?
  4. FickleT


    Hi all, I just recently found out about this school and am interested since they're certified and cheaper than hondros, but there aren't any reviews on their nursing program. Has anyone started or complected the program and would like to provide some insight?