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  1. mangolpn

    Got a cancelation for the CPNE!! Woohoo.

    Good luck! Just passed both FCCA and gathering my documents for CPNE. I would like to test in 3-4 months. Thanks for the advice, I'm planning on doing the same thing. You will be in my prayers 11/6-11/8. Keep up posted & good luck!
  2. mangolpn

    Excelsior college study group

    Hi, I'm in the Mass area. My email address is mangolpn@yahoo.com
  3. mangolpn

    Life span psychology

    Hi willsucceed, I'm thinking of cleping human growth & development. What did you use to study?
  4. mangolpn

    Passed Excelsior Nursing Theory Exams 1-8

    Hi nursesrock28, have you completed your last theory exam? I'm taking LS3 next week. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  5. mangolpn

    Journey is over with EC

    Well done! :)
  6. mangolpn

    FINALLY passed all nursing theory exams!

    Congratulations! You are an inspiration. I currently use the college network modules, and they owe me exam fee checks as well. I've paid my loan off and TCN made an error when they did my eval. I now have to take Life Span Developmental Psychology. Any chance you still have this module? Please let me know through here or my email: mangolpn@yahoo.com. Again congrats!