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  1. Jqfoster

    Best college for veteran

    I would also eventually like to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner but I hear that degree from a for-profit school like chamberlain can only be continued at another for profit school. Which would cost about $40,000 while public schools are half that.
  2. Jqfoster

    Best college for veteran

    Hello, I will be getting out of the Air Force in June 2019, and I currently live in Glendale. I would like to pursue nursing at ASU (Phoenix), Estrella Mountain Community College, or Chamberlain. I am really interested in ASU but the program seems to be extremely competitive and I've been out of school for 4 years. The money isn't an issue because my GI Bill will cover tuition costs but it is limited to 36 months or 8 semesters. I would like to be able to get my degree within that time or shorter with a quality education that will give best employment opportunities. Estrella Community College has a Concurrent Enrollment Program so if you have any information on that please share. Or any other factors to help with my decision would be helpful
  3. Jqfoster

    TCU and CLEPS

    I'm deciding between attending TCU and UTA for nursing once I'm out of the military. Does anyone know if Texas Christian University accepts CLEPS as nursing prerequisites ? More specifically Sociology. Can anyone share experiences on the 2 schools. I'm not worried about tuition rates I'm more concerned with the school environment, the surrounding area because I plan on getting a "cheap" apartment, and finding employment after graduating.
  4. Jqfoster

    Occupational therapy or Nursing

    I am a 19 years old female currently serving in the maintenance career field in the Air Force (Active Duty). I'm stationed overseas, and I joined right out of high school. My contract has 2 1/2 years left. I've shadowed several nurses in hospitals and nursing homes and I absolutely love nursing. It takes truly blessed people that have a calling for nursing so thank you all!❤️ I know healthcare is what I want to do but I'm not quite sure if it is nursing, and I've just recently learned of occupational therapy;however, I haven't shadowed any OTs and with my contract ending soon, I don't know if I will have the opportunity to shadow one. I'm not happy in the Air Force, but I have good benefits and a salary ... I don't know if I should pursue the NECP ( nurse enlisted commissioning program) or get out of the military and go for occupational therapy. I know it's smarter to do the program but knowing about OT I feel I would really enjoy it and I know it requires a masters degree. The NECP allows enlisted members with the prerequisites to go to nursing school full time while staying active duty. Apparently medical and maintenance are completely different
  5. I just graduated high school on May21st I will be leaving for Air Force basic training July 28th. I was wondering if I could get my BSN while serving in the Air Force active duty, my job is munitions systems.