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  1. OneDayAtATime93

    Patient complaint-freaking out!

    Definitely do not go into the meeting with the manager alone. I would suggest using this time to seek other job opportunities just in case. I'm surprised a manager would do this because hospitals spend so much money training nurses. Best of luck!
  2. OneDayAtATime93

    New BSN vs veteran LPN

    Why is it that when we bring up issues with CNAs being rude, the main response is "they're jealous". We acknowledge that nurses are "higher" on the latter and earn more, and that thus creates the perfect environment for jealousy to abound. Obviously no one is always alike, and some CNAs are content in their role. However, when there are issues with LPNs, the thought of jealousy never comes up, and if it does it's immediately refuted. Again, obviously, there are LPNs that are content in their role and have no wish to go back to school. There are also LPNs that feel stuck in their situations and are frustrated they can't go back to school, which can create hostility. In school, the LPNs bridging over were vocal that in their facilities, the other LPNs started treating them differently when they learned of their acceptance into the RN program. They also added that jealousy is an issue and spoke about how some PNs feel stuck in their situations. When considering the reasons why the PN was harsh with the RN, jealousy may be an issue. Although the RN's scope encompasses the LPN/CNA scope, we can all acknowledge that it isn't a pass to think you're better than other members of the healthcare team. We can all learn from each other. Maybe the OP was in fact doing something that was unsafe or against policy, and the PN had to step in and correct them. We won't know.
  3. OneDayAtATime93

    Pay grades for different units??

    In my facility, RNs are paid the same at a base level, regardless of where they practice. The only "extras" are for BSN or certifications
  4. OneDayAtATime93

    Need to vent!

    Props to you for speaking up. I remember in school a professor told us "DNR/DNI does not mean do not treat". It seemed trivial in the moment, but now I see there is a reason. Good for you!
  5. OneDayAtATime93

    New BSN vs veteran LPN

    So it is acceptable for someone to attack a new staff member in front of a patient? And if the LPN is using an outdated technique, then yes, they should be "educated".
  6. OneDayAtATime93

    New BSN vs veteran LPN

    You are 100% correct. But it is still not appropriate for anyone, whether MD, RN, LPN, or CNA, to try and make someone look incompetent in front of a patient. Because now when the RN is back in their room, the pt may question their competence because of what the LPN did. Unless it is something grossly negligent or obviously incorrect, there is a way of assisting staff members when in front of a pt. Clearly the LPN went about this incorrectly as the OP stated she "chewed" them out.
  7. OneDayAtATime93

    Never been this intimidated!

    You'll be fine! I was a fresh-faced 18y/o when I started my first PCT job on a med/surg unit. To be honest, being a PCT isn't too hard mentally, but it can be hard physically (obese patients, total care patients, etc...). Its all ADLs and tasking, and the RN/other PCTs are always there to help you or explain things. But it is awesome you're doing this. You're going to learn so much! I wouldn't trade those years for anything because it gave me such a good foundation for nursing school. Just remember: being a PCT is not your end goal. It is temporary! Best of luck!
  8. OneDayAtATime93

    RANT, sick of certain nurses

    I have been a tech in the ED before so I understand your complaints. BUT: -its the ED. There are worst things that could happen, yeah? As for the dirty beds, it sounds like with all the trauma alerts that your ED was bumping. Maybe they didn't have time? And as for the EKG, that nurse was probably busy too. If you saw them on their phone sitting down while you were assisting with the trauma, that may call for a friendly conversation like "If you see that I am tied up and you have a free minute, would you mind completing the EKG?" I will be honest, RNs don't like doing EKGs. Now that I'm a nurse you will hear other nurses say "Where is the tech, I don't want to do this EKG" or things like that. I am not that way, but many are. I'm not sure why, but nurses have taken this stance against them it seems. So, just talk with the nurse. And when I was a tech, I found that if I was on-top of my job (putting all patients in a gown, getting urine sent to the lab, quickly completing orders, etc...) that more nurses would be inclined to help me since I always made their job easier (as techs should). Good luck and always remember to take a step back and breathe in those kinds of situations. Don't let emotions get the best of you!
  9. OneDayAtATime93

    New BSN vs veteran LPN

    Hello, I can relate with your situation. While in my facility we don't have LPNs, we do have CNAs. I have been a CNA for 5 yrs, and I have worked at the facility where I am currently a RN. I graduated a month or so ago, and I am 23, so the older CNAs look at me and think I don't know what I'm doing. They have never attacked me in front of a patient like in the situation you mentioned, but if they did, I would take them into a private area and discuss it with them. I feel that you cannot let this behavior continue. Educate her on EBP, and look at your hospital's policies to ensure they are up to date. This may be a policy issue and should be brought up to your manager or unit educator. But with regards to the LPN, she should be spoken to. I would let her know that it isn't appropriate to address you in such a way, and in front of a patient. Being honest, jealousy is probably in issue here. You're this new RN and she's an LPN. I find that with the CNAs, this is the cause of a lot of conflict too. Best of luck.
  10. OneDayAtATime93


    Hello all, I recently graduated with my ASN and am looking at various programs, one of them being WGU's. If you have attended there, would you mind sharing your pros and cons in the comments below? I'm just trying to get a general idea of how their students are satisfied with them. I am in FL and I've only met a handful of people that have gone to WGU, so it is not as popular in my area. One of the main questions I have is how you pass courses (I keep seeing people talk about CUs), in addition I know their tuition is a little different ($3300/6m?). Thanks!
  11. OneDayAtATime93

    Complaints already?!

    It was more of a heads up. They stated I need to try and venture out and speak more to the staff, to which I responded that this isn't motivation for me to want to speak to them any more than I have to. Maybe its just me, but if I saw that a new employee was shy, I would extend a hand to them instead of being offended that they're not immediately best friends with everyone on the unit and complaining to management.
  12. OneDayAtATime93

    Complaints already?!

    Just that I am not seen as being proactive enough. However, the individuals who complained did not provide examples to management. Its very vague. I feel I am proactive and gave examples of my critical thinking, rationale and thought processes but management just said individuals stated I wasn't.
  13. OneDayAtATime93

    Complaints already?!

    I was referring to issues on my previous unit of almost 3 years, thanks.
  14. OneDayAtATime93

    Complaints already?!

    Hello, AllNurses! I just recently started working as a tech in the ER, and for the most part, it has been an amazing experience. I was a CNA in a hospital for almost 3 years, but after getting accepted into an RN program, I wanted to learn a little more and be exposed to different things. Techs in the ER can do so much more than CNAs on the floor. Techs can draw labs, do EKGs, foleys, straight caths, splints, wound care -a whole lot more than assisting with ADLs and vitals! So far it's been a great experience and I've learned a lot in the month that I've been working there. However, one of the managers told me today that some staff had been complaining about me and it totally blew me away (mind you, I've only been there about a month). I was in shock. I am a hard worker, and on my last unit I received excellent employee/manager reviews. I am a shy person by nature and so I feel like some of the night staff thinks I'm a mean person and don't speak to anyone because they feel as if I think I have some chip on my shoulder, and that couldn't be further from the truth. When I'm working, all the staff is nice to me, and I'm always offering help; and so to be told today that there are people complaining about me to leadership is surprising. I am a hard worker and a great team player, and so for people to even to make assumptions about me and go to leadership instead of myself is offensive. This conversation between management and myself shouldn't have even happened. It should have been myself and the individuals directly. Do people not understand what kind of jeopardy you put someone in by complaining to management about them? The times have been rare, but I have always spoken to people directly about issues, and we resolve them together. I'm surprised that these individuals can smile to my face, and act like everything is okay, but complain about me behind my back. Like I said, in all my previous work history, I've never been reprimanded or even spoken to about my work ethic. This was totally embarrassing for me. I feel like the individuals that complained just don't know me well enough, and if they would have gotten to know me, they would see I am a great worker and team player. Now I'm feeling like I made a mistake coming to the ER. I don't know what to change to where these people would like me. I do my job, and I help others. I even help housekeeping clean beds and rooms, so I help all areas of the team. I am just worried that the complaints will continue to come and it won't end well for me. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Thanks in advance.
  15. OneDayAtATime93

    New to ER, coworker makes me feel stupid.

    I am so sorry this is happening. It probably is jealousy. All I can say is DOCUMENT! Document when you speak to her and what she says. Email you manager what is happening to keep a paper trail.
  16. OneDayAtATime93

    "My Tech" or "My Aide"

    When I was a tech, this happened a lot. I think they mean it in a team sense. I did have one RN introduce me to a patient as "This is my assistant. If you need anything let them know and they'll get it for you". That I had a problem with.