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  1. Hey there, I know this sub forum is not to well trafficed but if you happen to see this and work (or have worked recently) for Fonemed, please PM me. Just curious what the current state of this company is. Most of the Fonemed posts are from an epoch ago, 2010 or earlier. One of the issues with this specialty, as many of you know, is that we are afraid to come out of the woodwork as it were regarding our specific employment (I'm one of them! lol) Thank you.
  2. Cape47

    Weighing my options for telehealth triage

    That's just what the offering company sets the rate at. I asked in a telephone conversation with the recruiter. Haven't actually seen the work environment so I don't know what I'm getting into. Right now I'm at part time in my ICU job but I can survive on the current pay rate. To match that @ $25/hr I'd have to go up to a 40 hour work week, plus the drive would be a bit longer to and from. So, I'm not sure what I would be getting into.
  3. Hello. I've recently had some health issues that I won't bore you with but let's just say I experience vertigo all the time. Meds don't really help since I have vestibular damage. Right now I work in an ICU but every shift is a struggle. So, there are new openings for telehealth for another company (HCA). Pros - Lower physical stress - Won't have to go through panicky feelings/anxiety just going to work. Cons - Huge paycut per hour (38 down to 25ish) - Will have to work more hours to compensate for paycut. - May have to get licenses for other states. My questions are basically, what am I looking at work-environment wise? This is a standalone office, not a work at home deal. I am wondering about what they expect you to wear. Can you wear casual clothes? Are you stuck in a closet or micro-cubicle (typically) or is your work environment more open? Finally, probably the biggest question, would you go down to $25 an hour from "over 35" for a telehealth position? Is that too low? Thanks if anyone can help me on this. I'm desperate, and lost.