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Hello! New nursing student here. I just love lurking and reading the different posts! I love and appreciate all the wisdom and insight I've gained so far.

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  1. I'm a looking for simple, effective, and smart solutions. Pearls of wisdom. I'm a relatively new nurse; home health and then oncology experience, now I'm working Med-Surg. Yep, backwards for some but I'm living my life and I love it! Anyway, at work I was thinking about "little things" that make life easier for nurses, especially when they improve patient care or time management. For example, keeping mini-scissors in your pocket (the hospital I work now keeps them in the room, but of course one room didn't have any); or making a sling out of a pillowcase to elevate yeasty, enlarged scrotums (yes you read that, you're a nurse, get over it); or those nylon tube-things to be able to boost people by yourself. Those are my examples, I would love to hear some of your pearls of wisdom!
  2. ezckimo

    Successful Transition from LTC to Hospital

    Sorry to butt in but my kids dermatologist suggested Vanicream. The cream is great, and they make soaps, sunscreens, just about everything!
  3. ezckimo

    how long does it take an adn to get a bsn

    I'm currently looking into St. Scholastica, and they told me it will take one year and cost about $15k
  4. ezckimo

    MN RN-BSN Progams: Suggestions!

    $250 a credit is amazing! Thank you for sharing
  5. What do you do if you contaminate yourself while gowning and gloving? I have searched for the answer to this for over an hour. Personally, I would say start the process over. But it's such a vague question.
  6. ezckimo

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    I start in August!!! I'm so nervous. Check out "Nursing for Nursing Students" on Facebook. We have brown scrubs... I'm thinking white Sketchers
  7. ezckimo

    Need some New Grad advice:(

    Maybe you should have your resume reviewed, the format, presentation like font and paper that it's printed on. Just get it polished up, like I only learned last semester that they should be one page, and where it says references, you should out "Furnished upon request", which is terribly confusing because it seems the process is the request... Anyway just a thought. Good luck in the search process *hugs*
  8. ezckimo

    Jane Doe, RN, AAS, BSN, MSN, CCRN BFD

    Ok I'm incredibly embarrassed that I'm posting this, but I'm not even sure what they all mean. I'm just a student, don't hurt me!

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