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20+ years as CNA/CMA, 3 years as RN on a medical unit

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  1. Moving to Midwest

    VERY true. Also very true...BUT, if you can find a small town just outside of Des Moines to live, it will be even cheaper yet.
  2. Moving to Midwest

    Des Moines would be higher than that. I live in a town in Iowa much smaller than Des Moines and started out as a new grad at $23/hr. I'm guessing Des Moines would be right around $25 to $27/hr
  3. Nurse Slang Yo!

    Penile Intubation: putting a Foley in a male patient :)
  4. Funny things patients say

    Years ago when I worked at a care center, there was a lil ol lady that had a chair alarm in her wheelchair. Every time she tried to stand up, the alarm would go off, "Beep beep beep..." After about the 3rd time the alarm beeped, she loudly exclaimed,...
  5. Nurses with pedometers - How far do you walk?

    My FitBit says I average about 6 miles during my 12 hour night shift. :)
  6. What's your favorite floor

    I've worked cardiac, ortho and now for the last 3 years been on the medical floor. I used to love my current job, but lately we've been incredibly short staffed and have extremely high acuity pts. I'm getting burnt out fast. I've been seriously consi...
  7. First Week - Grave Mistake! time not long ago, a brand new CNA said the Q word not knowing it was taboo. She happened to be on my end of the hall too. Everything was fine the first two hours until she said it....then.... One of my pts who was transfered down to our un...
  8. MA to RN

    I was a CNA then a CMA for most of my adult life. I went back to school for my RN and graduated at age 43! So no, 23 is NOT too old. Heck, I had a classmate who was 62! :)
  9. ixchel's 8/15 This Week I Have Learned...

    I also learned that I can't believe so many people hate olives. I LOVE THEM! Green ones and black ones. Heck, I could eat a whole jar of green ones in one sitting! Lol!
  10. ixchel's 8/15 This Week I Have Learned...

    I have learned, that when I have a slow night and time drags on, NOT to wish for a busier night the next night because: 1. I had a patient crashing that I needed to call a rapid response on 2. Another pt with a nose bleed that wouldn't quit that was ...
  11. What to do after CNA?

    What I did years ago after getting my CNA cert was work as a CNA for a year in a LTC facility. Then I took the Med Tech course which is about the same amount of time as the CNA course. I continued working in the LTC passing meds for a few years and ...
  12. What do you guys like to do in your free time?

    My main hobby during the spring, summer and fall months is bicycling. I've ridden a total of 936 miles so far this season.
  13. color coding staff

    I totally agree! Our hospital chose the brand (Landau) and we had 3 styles to chose from. But we can ONLY order from a certain online company, which really sucks for the local uniform shops.
  14. Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I had a patient a couple years ago whose name was Junior. The funny part was that his father's name was also Junior. So, this patient's full name was Junior_____, Jr.
  15. Older Student/Over 60 years old

    Just wanted to throw this out there...I graduated at 43...BUT, one of my classmates was 62 when we started school. Our last semester she was diagnosed with breast cancer, went thru chemo and radiation and still managed to graduate with us! Now THAT t...