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  1. That's great nurse2b09, hopefully I'll get my return aletter today, or soon.
  2. So sorry futureRnKyf, never give up on your dreams. It will happen for you and shonta05, the way time is passing those 11months will be here in no time.
  3. Shonta05, CNA sorry to hear you didn't get in, but I think if you have your BIO finished you'll get in next time. That class is worth I think 20 or 30 points if you make an A. But when I received my letter last fall my degree plan hadn't changed.
  4. Nothing for me yet!
  5. Sorry guys I had to finish up at work, but lstratman you've let me know something I didn't know. I didn't know once finished with lpn I would have to sit out for another year. I've already been kicking my butt for not trying harder in fundamentals and had to sit out for 2 semesters. I wish I'd gotten in RN program.
  6. I think they were 187 sorry:D
  7. No i never have.
  8. I was accepted last fall but just had to withdraw from one class, so i didn't have to apply to the program all over again. They only accepted me for lpn with thise scores, I think it was like a 270 for RN.
  9. Not sure what the points are but i think I had like 257
  10. I know they were supposed to be going to the new curriculum but they changed back at the last minute, so I think they offer lpn even if you applied to RN and don't meet there guidelines. So yes ladies keep your heads up stay in prayer. You'll be just fine.
  11. Hopefully your points still add up ro be enough, I'll be praying for you.
  12. It says it under your score. I started to apply for beville but I stay in Tuscaloosa, and Ive completed my pharmacology, and health assessment class which will be in the 1st semester.
  13. The acceptance letter comes in a white regular size envelope with lawson logo on it.
  14. I had a 65%, and I applied for both programs, got into the lpn program because I hadn't finished my micro class yet for those points. As long as your teas score states proficient you should be ok, abd by the way my degree plan never changed I got my letter of acceptance and had to call to have it changed so I could register for my class.
  15. Hey ladies, I applied last fall got in first time applying. I was nervous also, but just want to calm some of your nerves. I got in with a teas score of 65. 48 and A and B in the 2 science classes. I had to withdraw from my fundamentals class so I had to put in an intent to get back in since they didn't have the summer class which definitely threw a few of us back. I'm also waiting on a letter to get back in. I have faith that I will though. Don't let fear get to you ladies you all will get in. I got my letter last fall on like July16.
  16. Ok thanks