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  1. jer11ren

    Anxious to find spring 2016 placement

    I got in at GCC in the evening program!
  2. Is anybody else really anxious to find out about Spring 2016 placement? I keep checking my email just in case they send anything even though I heard that we won't find out until Oct. I have GCC evenings, Gateway Evening or GCC weekends as my choices. I wish I knew which I am more likely to get or more details on each of those programs, since my friends that are nurses did day time traditional programs. I just know my life will change so much after school starts and I want to start getting organized for it ahead of time.
  3. jer11ren

    Phoenix College Vs Glendale evening/weekend

    Thank you for your input, Sundevil11. I am glad to hear how the program at Phoenix College is and your view of Glendale since those are both my top choices. I know it will be time consuming to try to work and go to school, but I am very lucky to have a job that is flexible. I just hate to need off for an hour or two in the middle of the day when I could hopefully go somewhere that I can go for a full day or have days that allow me to work half of a shift at work before or after classes/study time.
  4. jer11ren

    MCC Fall 2015 placement

    I'm so glad that you see my point on that! I have been getting the eye roll from my coworkers because they think I must not want it bad enough to commute. I just want to be able to maintain as much balance in work, school and my personal life as I can. Congrats and Good Luck! Can you let me know what the schedule is going to be like for the afternoon classes when you find out? I'm just curious.
  5. jer11ren

    MCC Fall 2015 placement

    I was accepted but used my one time deferral in hopes of getting in somewhere a little closer to home. I live in Avondale and am hoping to continue working as many hours as possible during school. After sitting down and figuring a schedule of going to work from 5am-11am, going to campus from noon to ? plus clinical days and study groups, I think being closer to home would be better. I wonder what will be open for spring 2016? I am worried though because for Fall Glendale only had 7 openings for the weekend class and 3 for the evening class and Gateway had 28 for the evening classes. I really want to know more about the program at Phoenix College too. I actually only applied in Nov 2014 so I wasn't planning on being placed so soon! I am planning on doing the CEP program so I guess that helped me get moved up on the list a little bit?
  6. I just found out yesterday that I was accepted at Mesa Community College after only a 6 month wait , but am going to defer due to financial reasons and the fact that Mesa is a 45 minute drive each way. If I figure that into working hopefully 32 hours a week plus class, study groups, and clinical days, I think spending an hour and a half each day commuting to school might stretch a tight schedule even tighter. I really thought it would be over a year wait to get in, so I really planned on starting in the Spring 2016 semester anyway. I know I can search and look this up, but most of the info I find is several years old, so I am not sure if the info is still correct. I know that there is also info on the school sites, but I want to know what someone that attends the school thinks of the program, not just the basic program info that is given. Is anybody going to Phoenix College and can tell me a little about their program? I understand that it is Hybrid? I am a good self teacher, but if you have been in that school did you feel like it was a good format? I did all of my sciences online though Phoenix College and really liked them. I feel like if I did my online part before attending the lecture, I might get a little more out of the in person lecture simply because it would clarify what I have already reviewed. I also saw that they recently added new simulation lab facilities that look really amazing. How many days do you usually attend including clinical days at Phoenix College? I am also interested in Glendale for the evening/weekend program. Is is similar to the weekend day program? I have seen a lot of posts about the weekend day program being a little easier if you work because it breaks up clinical and lectures a little bit so each can have more of the students focus. I like the idea of getting in during the evenings after work and possible having 1 weekend day to at east not have to be somewhere. I understand all my time will be taken up with studying, but it is still nice to have a day that you don't have to jump out of bed and run out the door. My main concern, just like many people is the ability to keep working while going to school. I know I can take out loans, but I want to take as little as possible, especially after finding out how tight the job market is and how low the pay is in the Phoenix area for RN's. Thank you in advance for any info that any current students can give me! I really appreciate the help. :)